Choosing the best plotter: TOP 7 rating, types, characteristics, reviews, price

In the early days, plotters were primarily plotters. They drew diagrams, graphs, and details of devices. With the development of technology, it turned out that such seemingly specific devices have found other areas of application without losing the original one. Apparatuses have appeared equipped with a cutting knife, which are used to cut parts on various materials. And the leap in the field of color printers gave impetus to plotters. Models have appeared that can apply color designs to large-sized media. How to understand the types, operating principles and variety of models, we invite you to read this article.

Types of plotters

The main types of plotters are the same as printers: inkjet, electrostatic, thermal plotters, laser, LED.

And two types of plotters can be placed in a separate group:

  • pen - drawing is done with one pen;
  • cutting - the main working tool is a knife that makes cutting on different materials.

Upon media feeding:

  • flatbed - when printing or cutting, the material lies on a special table;
  • roll - paper or other material is fed from a roll secured with special clamps on the device or next to it.

Rating TOP 7 best plotters

Our list to date includes:

  • Canon imagePROGRAF iPF770;
  • Mimaki JV150-160;
  • TexJet shorTee;
  • Alfa 0609;
  • Mimaki UJF-3042 FX;
  • Epson SureColor SC-T5200;
  • Rabbit HC-9012.

Let's take a closer look at the selected models.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF770

The Canon inkjet plotter is designed for working with project documentation, creating posters and for printing within companies. The model comes complete with a stand on which it is installed and a basket into which waste materials are dumped. The product can cope with continuous printing of large volumes of materials. Equipped with 130 ml ink tanks with the ability to hot-swappable. On the top cover of the model on the right are control buttons and a miniature display.

Resolution, dpi2400×1200
Dimensions, cm88x130x106

Price: from 80,500 to 81,500 rubles.

plotter Canon imagePROGRAF iPF770

  • good printing speed (48 seconds – printing one page in good quality);
  • software – Direct Print&Share;
  • support for printing from cloud environments.
  • high cost of replacement cartridges (18,000 thousand).

We needed a printer so that we could print materials in A0 format. We considered various options, but settled on this one. We made no mistake, we were satisfied. Very fast and the quality does not suffer from this. If you need to make changes to the image, you can directly on the plotter, mathematics allows it. There are no problems with maintenance either, we studied the instructions and now we maintain it in working order ourselves. I advise you to buy.

Mimaki JV150-160

A model from the budget series of eco-solvent plotters JV150 is used to produce printed products of the highest quality. The machine produces outdoor advertising and much more. This became possible due to the use of special ink. This model uses two types of ink: solvent and sublimation. The color palette of solvent inks is complemented by two functional colors - orange and light black. This approach gives the best result in conveying color shades.

Dimensions, cm274x70x139
Resolution, dpi1440×1440

Cost: from 772,000 to 800,000 rubles.

plotter Mimaki JV150-160

  • high print speed up to 56.2 sq. m/hour;
  • ink is supplied from dual cartridges with automatic switching from a used cartridge to a full one, which significantly speeds up the printing process;
  • RasterLink 6 processor is a powerful and intuitive software tool that manages color and the printing process.
  • There is no cutting function.

The coolest device for outdoor advertising production. It prints quickly, has two-liter ink cartridges, and due to the additions to them, printed products can withstand rain, snow and bright sun. I figured out the controls quickly, I had experience. We print billboards and are glad that an advanced assistant has appeared, which in most cases does not require the presence of an operator nearby. I recommend for purchase.

TexJet shortTee

Textile plotter TexJet - a flatbed model is ideal for small businesses, and in particular for applying designs to T-shirts. The device is installed on a regular table. The fabric is fixed on a special tablet (there are several table sizes), and a bed with printing heads moves. The ink used is water-based pigment, compatible with fabric dyes. The display and control buttons make it easy to operate the device.

Dimensions, cm115x66x35
Resolution, dpi1440×1440

Price tag: from 727,100 to 820,000 rubles.

plotter TexJet shorTee

  • high productivity (80 white T-shirts per hour);
  • light weight of the model for this class (65 kg);
  • an optical sensor that detects obstacles and protects print heads from mechanical damage.
  • Changing the fabric on the table is done manually.

I am engaged in tailoring sportswear and so I decided to diversify plain T-shirts with beautiful color designs. I looked at many models and chose this one. I was impressed by the presence of three tables (tablets) designed for different fabric sizes and clear controls. The paint adheres well to the fabric and lasts a long time. Now I’m applying the design to the details of the T-shirt, some of the models turned out just wow. Buy and grow your business.

Alfa 0609

The Alpha flatbed cutting plotter is a large table, above which a bed with a knife and a marker moves. Thus, cardboard, paper, vinyl or self-adhesive film are cut. The marker can leave the necessary marks on the cut. The depth to which the plotter cuts depends on the knife. The working field of the model is 900 by 600 mm.

Dimensions, cm154x118x520
Resolution, dpi

Price tag: from 250,000 to 350,000 rubles.

plotter Alfa 0609

  • excellent cutting accuracy (0.01 mm);
  • acceptable cutting depth (2 mm);
  • The set includes knives of different types (10 pcs.).
  • The material being cut is not vacuum pressed to the model table.

The plotter attracted me with its price and speed of cutting. I saw it in action and realized it was our equipment. Ideal for your activity profile. We make vinyl blanks on it, and at the neighbors’ request, we cut out cardboard for packaging. We ourselves did not expect that it would turn out quickly and efficiently. There are no complaints about the device. I advise you to buy.

Mimaki UJF-3042 FX

The plotter is capable of applying designs to a wide variety of surfaces. A special feature of the device is the presence of four color cartridges, plus a white one and a varnish cartridge. Selective application of varnish helps prints acquire a voluminous textured surface. There is a control panel on the front panel of the device.

Resolution, dpi1440×1200
Dimensions, cm120x109x77

Buy: from 1,095,600 to 1,100,000 rubles.

plotter Mimaki UJF-3042 FX

  • the ability to use white in addition to the primary colors, which improves the quality of color reproduction;
  • can print on a very wide range of materials (glass, wood, metal, polyester, stone).
  • low weight of the material on which to print (5 kg);
  • small thickness of the media (what is printed on) – 5 cm.

Having considered this model, I could not refuse it. The price is a little expensive, but what to do if you want to work in such production. We make drawings on it, both on USB and on phones, and on stone and magnets we get such masterpieces that it’s amazing. So far I'm happy and using it to the fullest. Buy it.

Epson SureColor SC-T520

The device copes with tasks such as printing architectural, construction and engineering drawings. The model uses two simultaneously installed cartridges with matte and standard black ink, this ensures optimal use of black color modes, guaranteeing excellent print quality and density on various types of media.

Resolution, dpi2880×1440
Dimensions, cm83x140x112

Price: from 231,200 to 232,000 rubles.

plotter Epson SureColor SC-T520

  • color screen measuring 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) for accessing the settings of the Russified control panel menu;
  • navigation through the device function menu using buttons on the control panel;
  • high-speed – A1 format printing is done in 28 seconds.
  • not found.

The model was purchased for our department a year ago. During this time, the device showed its best side. We are convinced that the plotter is adapted for design needs and transfers our ideas onto paper clearly and without errors. Our department was pleased with the purchase; we only purchase additional consumables. We advise you to buy.

Rabbit NS-9012

The device is a flatbed cutting plotter. Its working field is a table measuring 90 by 120 cm. The model works with both sheet and roll material. The sheets are placed on the desktop, and a holder is provided for the roll to secure it. Thus, there are no restrictions on the length of the material used for cutting. The device is equipped with a special knife that can withstand pressure from 10 to 600 grams. It performs the following functions: through cutting, running (extruding the future fold line) and non-through (half) cutting.

Dimensions, cm120x150x80
Resolution, dpi

Cost: from 435,000 to 500,000 rubles.

plotter Rabbit NS-9012

  • high cutting speed (up to 800 mm/s);
  • The material being cut is pressed to the table by a vacuum pump, which prevents it from being moved or carried by a knife.
  • not found.

I have my own small business and this technique is a lifesaver for it. We cut cardboard so that we could then assemble packaging boxes from it, the old fashioned way, by hand. And with the purchase of this model we breathed a sigh of relief. After setting up the device, we forgot to think about many things. The range of products was expanded, and different materials began to be used. We are developing and are already thinking about further investments in technology. The device, although not cheap, paid for itself quite quickly. Therefore, I advise you not to wait, buy and work on it.

The best inkjet plotter models

Inkjet plotters are the most affordable and budget options for printing various A2 format images. Models of this type are used more often than models of other types, but they are often not able to print as well and accurately convey the color gamut.

HP DesignJet Z9+ 24″ Postscript (W3Z71A)

This model is made in America and is practically the leader among devices in its class.
The large-format inkjet plotter is quite easy to use and does not require too much space for placement. However, compared to others, this printer is not very high quality, so it is not classified as a professional one. This printer was designed specifically to be placed on the floor. At the same time, it has a movable panel that helps you conveniently place the material and adjust the printing as you need.

The advantages of the device are as follows:

  • the level of the device is as close to professional as possible;
  • The set includes 9 ink cartridges of different colors, which mix well with each other and give a very rich image;
  • there is an additional 10 cartridge, which, if necessary, enhances the gloss effect;
  • With this device you can print excellent photos in high quality;
  • This plotter has support for cloud printing, so you can print any file that is saved in your cloud space;
  • the device has its own special cutter that separates printed pages from each other;
  • There is a fairly convenient mobile trolley stand, with which you can arrange the sheets in the way that is most convenient for you.

There were no downsides Among similar models, this plotter is the most versatile device, the functions of which fully correspond to its class.

Epson SureColor SC-T3400N

In terms of functionality, it is in no way inferior to the first device. This plotter can also be called the most versatile device for its class, moreover, it is somewhat more affordable than the first one, but at the same time is not inferior to it in print quality. However, this device does not have a special cart-stand, which would greatly simplify the printing process and also make it more convenient. However, it is worth noting that such a device can be purchased in addition if desired.

The advantages of the device include the following:

  • In terms of price range, the device is quite affordable when compared with models of a similar type;
  • The printing speed is quite high, thanks to which this plotter can print a large number of images simultaneously;
  • there is no need to order additional consumables, since they can always be purchased at any specialized store;
  • This device saves energy very well, so it is perfect for those who use the equipment rarely but thoroughly;
  • The device connects to the network without any additional wires, which is very convenient.

any significant disadvantages in operation. Many users choose this model because the characteristics meet most of their needs.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF685

This company has been on the technology market for quite a long time, and during its work it has managed to establish itself as a successful manufacturer of quality products.

This device can be classified as a leader among models in its class, just like the previous versions. In terms of functionality, it is somewhat simpler than previous models, but at the same time it is quite easy to use; even a beginner can understand the operating modes and capabilities of this plotter. Despite the high level of printing, the device is sold at a very affordable price. It is the combination of these factors that contributes to the high demand for this product.

Among the advantages of the device are the following:

  • it is possible to replace the device cartridge using a hot method;
  • the quality of printing images and other graphic materials is at the highest level;
  • the device can connect to your personal cloud space and print the files that you uploaded there;
  • The software helps you print all the images and files directly and share them in real time;
  • The functionality of this plotter includes special accounting functions.

If we talk about the disadvantages of this device, then no significant disadvantages can be deduced. Users mentioned a long connection to the cloud space, but mentioned that in comparison with the positive aspects of the plotter's operation, this is insignificant.

Comparison table of characteristics

The main characteristics of the selected models are presented in the table.

ModelTypeResolution, dpiDimensions, LxWxH
Canon imagePROGRAF iPF770jet2400×120088x130x106
Mimaki JV150-160piezoelectric1440×1440274x70x139
TexJet shortTeepiezojet1440×1440115x66x35
Alfa 0609cutting154x118x520
Mimaki UJF-3042 FXUV1440×1200120x109x77
Epson SureColor SC-T520piezojet2880×144083x140x112
Rabbit NS-9012cutting120x150x80

The best plotters with UV printing

Such devices are often quite expensive, but specific paint can create a rather unusual effect.

Mimaki JFX200-2531

A Japanese quality model that allows you to leave high-quality printing on large formats from A2 to A0.


  • During printing, a special clamp creates a vacuum, thanks to which the paint adheres better;
  • innovative wavelength control technology is used;
  • The variable drop technique is used.

The lack of a network connection can be considered the only drawback .

Mimaki UJF-3042 MkII

The plotter has high print quality, but is not designed for fairly large formats.


  • Compact enough so it can be placed in small spaces;
  • very reasonable price;
  • The print quality is very good for its class.

The only downside is the lack of PostScript support.

There are a huge variety of plotters, so in order to choose exactly the one you need, you need to study the characteristics of the devices and decide for what purpose you need it.

Best lists

Today's best list:

  • Best price - HP Designjet T520 CQ890C .
  • Solvent – ​​Roland VersaStudio BN-20.
  • Textile – Epson SureColor SC-F2000.
  • Inkjet – HP Designjet T830 F9A30A.

Let's look at the devices in more detail.

Best Price – HP Designjet T520 CQ890C

The plotter uses inkjet technology for printing. Outwardly, it vaguely resembles a large matrix printer - a basket and a roll feed of special paper. The control panel of the device contains buttons and a color screen. Equipped with Wi-Fi, Internet connectors and one USB port. Combines good print quality and low price.

Width, cm61
Resolution, dpi2400×1200

Price tag: from 38,200 to 40,000 rubles.

plotter HP Designjet T520 CQ890C

Solvent – ​​Roland VersaStudio BN-20

Solvent plotters produce printing intended for outdoor use (advertising). This became possible after the invention of special additives to ink (solvent). The device is capable of using both solvent ink cartridges for outdoor printed products and water-based ink cartridges for interior solutions. The model is equipped with its own software.

Width, cm480
Resolution, dpi1440x1440

Cost: from 529,000 to 600,000 rubles.

plotter Roland VersaStudio BN-20

Textile – Epson SureColor SC-F2000

The Epson plotter (flatbed type) is designed for direct printing on fabric, and does an excellent job of its functions. The device creates a design on one T-shirt in 27 seconds. It looks like a printer and has six ink cartridges. Intuitive software and control with display on the body of the model.

Width, cm40,6
Resolution, dpi1440x1440

Price: from 812,379 to 910,000 rubles.

plotter Epson SureColor SC-F2000

Inkjet – HP Designjet T830 F9A30A

The roll plotter uses inkjet printing technology. It has 4 standard cartridges and good resolution, which allows you to obtain high-quality printed products. The appearance is standard for plotters of this class. The control panel and small display are located on the front left side of the device.

Width, cm91
Resolution, dpi2400×1200

Price tag: from 272,530 to 280,000 rubles.

plotter HP Designjet T830 F9A30A

The best solvent plotters of today

The quality of printing using solvent inks is much higher when compared with inkjet printing. However, the cost of such devices is many times higher. The consciousness of ink is based on organic components, which are a mixture of hydrocarbons.

The solvent itself is a fairly aggressive substance, so it slightly dissolves the top layer of paper or other material, after which it is firmly absorbed into the structure and lasts longer.

Roland VersaStudio BN-20

This plotter is the simplest device compared to other similar ones in its class. In terms of its price range, this device can reach about half a million rubles on the Russian market, but this figure depends on the supplier and the point where this device is sold. It weighs relatively little - 35 kg, so it is quite possible to move the plotter if necessary.

Among other positive aspects, it is worth noting several main advantages of the plotter:

  • in addition to basic inks, this plotter is capable of printing in shades with a metallic sheen, in particular a silver tint is used;
  • The functionality of this device includes contour cutting, which turns on and off automatically as soon as printing is completed;
  • Thanks to its high resolution, this printer can print images with a large number of small details;
  • high quality color rendering will please any user, but the maximum effect can only be achieved if original paint is used.

disadvantages as such in this device.

Mimaki JV150-160

This plotter confidently takes second position in the ranking of the best solvent printers of this year. Not only does this device have a huge range of different characteristics, but also the price is relatively affordable for its level. This plotter can easily be classified as a professional device. In terms of its dimensions, it is quite impressive and requires quite a lot of extra space, but the overall functionality is worth it.

The advantages of the device include the following:

  • Cartridges are replaced automatically and hot;
  • there is an automatic cutter for paper and other materials on which printing is made;
  • In order to achieve the highest possible quality, innovative technologies of the latest generation are used;
  • The plotter's performance is quite high for its class;
  • For a fairly affordable price you get professional-quality printing.

The downside is that the functionality of this device does not provide contour cutting. However, this plotter occupies a confident second position among similar models.

What to look for when choosing

Considering the large assortment of plotters that are presented on the modern consumer market, you need to pay attention to the basic technical characteristics of the models. These include:

  1. Purpose. It is important to understand what exactly will be produced on plotters. If there are diagrams or maps, then they do not require the entire palette of colors and you can give preference to models with a minimal set of functions. But if you plan to use a plotter to print advertisements and banners, then it is advisable to choose devices with color cartridges.
  2. Width. The wider the model, the larger the format of the material on which printing will take place. Which one you need should be determined before purchasing.
  3. Speed. Choose the optimal combination of print speed and output quality.
  4. Feed type. For business, it is advisable to pay attention to roll devices. They are distinguished by their compact design and low cost of consumables. Tablet models are ideal for production. They are highly accurate, but, unfortunately, have impressive dimensions.
  5. Knife pressure (when choosing a cutting plotter). Consider what materials will crumble. This is why this indicator is selected.

Main characteristics of cutting plotters

When choosing the required model, it is recommended to consider the following criteria:

Format and size of future cuts. If you plan to use the device for small parts or applications, then compact plotter models are the best solution. They save space and financial investments.

Precision in work. Expensive models have special software that regulates the accuracy of the cut area. Thanks to this, the image is clearer and more saturated. Budget types do not have a similar function. As a result, small errors are observed on the surface.

Optical positioning sensor. This device allows you to determine the boundaries of the printed area.

Knife pressure during operation. Manufacturers of cutting plotters claim that models with a pressure of 450 units help to obtain uniform cutting. If the cutting pressure is less, then the device is not able to cope with thick cardboard.

Speed ​​of work. The higher the cutting pressure, the better the result. The fact is that the number of errors in the cutting process is reduced here.

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