Choosing a double-circuit wall-mounted gas boiler: advice from consultants + review of brands and prices
Autonomous gas heating will only be effective and economical when, during its design and
Storage water heaters (boilers): rules of use and secrets of longevity
The procedure for turning on a storage water heater in an apartment When hot water is turned off, it becomes necessary to find
TOP 10 best air humidifiers for apartments: traditional, steam, ultrasonic
Air quality affects our health, comfort and the condition of the home in which we live.
Choosing a coating for the water heater tank: glass ceramics, stainless steel or enamel Which is better Video
Changes occur in our lives every year. But despite the progress, hot water supply in high-rise buildings
Split system for heating
Is it possible to use an air conditioner for heating in frosty conditions and how to prepare it for this work?
Air conditioners and split systems with FREE installation Most split systems, in addition to cooling, also work for heating.
Diesel heat gun: device, pros and cons, capabilities
SHARE ON SOCIAL NETWORKS FacebookTwitterOkGoogle+PinterestVk From this article you can find out what features a diesel gun has
Do-it-yourself air conditioner installation: rules, tools and installation steps
How to install a split system yourself
The prices for the services of an air conditioner installation technician are close to the cost of the equipment, so many people prefer
TOP 25 best electric boilers: 2021 rating by price/quality and which one to choose for heating a private home
Electric heating boilers become an excellent option in conditions of interruption or shortage, as well as lack of
geyser or boiler
11 criteria for choosing a geyser for an apartment or house
Every year, installing an individual source of hot water supply in private houses and apartments becomes
How to choose brackets for mounting the external unit of a split system
Application of brackets Typically, outdoor air conditioner units are installed on the rear or side facades of buildings. At
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