How to care for a vacuum cleaner filter? Pros and cons of a cyclone filter

A vacuum cleaner serves as a reliable and faithful assistant for every housewife for many years. To extend its service life, it is important to properly monitor the operation of the device, promptly replace broken parts and clean filters. You will learn how to properly clean the filter from contamination in our article.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner model with a cyclone filter, it is important for you to pay attention to the strength of the waste collection container. It should be strong enough not to burst.

Large particles of debris often knock against the walls of the container, creating additional noise.

The advantages of this choice include the fact that you do not have to regularly change dust collectors. Such a vacuum cleaner should not be heavy, which means it will be easy for you to work with it.

Minus - while cleaning the container you will be forced to come into contact with dust

Can it be washed?

It doesn’t matter what model of vacuum cleaner you have and what type of filter it has, it needs timely replacement and, sometimes, proper cleaning.

In general, we strongly advise against exposing any filter elements to water. This may cause your vacuum cleaner to break down. We recommend wiping with a damp cloth or napkin and tapping the filter structure thoroughly.

Important! Before putting the wet filter back into the vacuum cleaner body, dry it in a dry, warm place, but not on the battery - the filter will become deformed!

a disposable dust bag as a filter , then you do not need to clean it. It is enough to replace it with a new one in a timely manner.

The reusable fabric dust bag requires regular and thorough cleaning. First, carefully pour the contents of the bag into the bag. Try to do this outside or in the bathroom so that dust does not have a chance to settle on clean textiles. Then the bag needs to be washed and dried thoroughly, but here it is worth drawing a direct analogy with clothing - the more often you wash the dust collector, the faster it will wear out and fail.

Replacing a disposable dust bag with a new one or cleaning a reusable dust bag from dirt is much easier than cleaning an aqua filter .

The cyclone filter should be handled carefully due to two aspects: it can be fragile and become damaged during cleaning, or if it is not cleaned carefully, all the dust can end up in the air or on the floor.

The aquafilter should also be removed from the vacuum cleaner with extreme caution. If you can't lift heavy objects, then a vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter is not for you. You empty a container of dirty water by pouring the contents down the drain, and then clean it without using cleaning agents or detergents. Then wipe it dry with a napkin and put it back in place. Read more about models and types of vacuum cleaner bags here.

How to disassemble a Samsung 1800w vacuum cleaner

If you have the necessary tools, it is not difficult to disassemble a Samsung 1800w vacuum cleaner of any model and even carry out partial repairs of the vacuum cleaner - just follow the following step-by-step instructions:

  • Unplug the device and secure it securely. Start disassembling the case by removing the protective grilles and filter, check if it is dirty. If the plastic membranes on the protective grille have become dark and the gaps between them are clogged with dust, the filter is very dirty and requires replacement.

  • The plastic cyclone filter is removed next. Press the special button on the handle and pull the container out. Remove the sponge filter from it; it can be washed under running water.
  • Let's start removing the cover from the body. This can be done using a Phillips screwdriver. Unscrew and remove each of the 5 screws one by one, four of them are on the sides, and the last one is on the back side.
  • Using a flat-head screwdriver, like a lever, we pry the surface of the cover in the area of ​​the wheels on both sides and gently press it so that it bounces off the body.
  • To completely separate the plastic covering, you will also need to remove the cover from the motherboard connector - it must be carefully disconnected from the case, and the entire cover must be removed along with it.

  • After removing the cover, you can detach the casing that houses the motor and board. To do this, unscrew the four bolts on the sides and remove the casing, having first disconnected the wiring connecting the motor and the board.
  • The engine is protected by several layers of material that provides heat and noise insulation, as well as a plastic cover secured with four screws. We carefully unscrew them and put them aside in a separate group, so that later we do not have to look for the necessary bolts for each type of fastening.

  • To finally separate the engine from the housing, all that remains is to disconnect the thermal relay and the wire connecting the engine to it. After this, you can take out the engine and examine it in detail.

Error E9 in a Samsung washing machine

Which is better?

The easiest way is with a disposable dust bag. It's easy to replace, you don't have to breathe dust while cleaning it, but you'll have to regularly spend money on new consumables.

Vacuum cleaners with an aqua filter can boast of being hygienic, but such units are quite heavy , since their body contains a container filled with water. Therefore, in general, it is worth classifying this type of vacuum cleaner as a specialized anti-allergenic device.

Cyclone vacuum cleaners break down more often than others. Their weakest point is in the garbage collection bowl. She just bursts. Therefore, it is so important to pay attention to what material all the parts of such a vacuum cleaner are made of.

Stages of filtering debris and dust in a vacuum cleaner

A turbine is installed on the electric motor of the vacuum cleaner, due to which the entire working process takes place. Several stages of filtration are implemented to create some obstacles for the passage of dust. Then there is no danger of getting a clogged channel; washing and cleaning the structure will be easy.

Where is everything stored?

The first filter or garbage collector is a function that is usually performed by a garbage bag or plastic container. Manufacturing materials contribute to the division of plastic containers into disposable and reusable. The location of the bags is between the inlet hose and the engine filter.

The absence of constant washing requirements is the main advantage of paper bags. They are simply thrown away when they are filled to capacity. But these are consumables that require periodic repurchase. The reason for creating water reservoirs is for purposes whose description is already given above. A separate question is whether Hepa filters for a vacuum cleaner can be washed.

About fine cleaning

Filters are placed between garbage tanks or turbocharged engines to capture particles of the smallest sizes. Such parts are made from the following materials:

  1. Fibers that are pressed into thin sponges.
  2. Something similar to a foam sponge.

By using the mechanisms correctly, users forget about the problem of large particles appearing inside. The processing of microscopic particles is carried out by a third filter, complementing the previous ones. It helps prevent dust from being blown out that has passed by other devices and mechanisms. In the cheapest models, sponges with pressed fibers are used for this. Products from the medium and large segment contain HEPA filters, which are easy to clean if done correctly.

For apartments with smokers, the importance of getting rid of unpleasant odors increases. Carbon filters contribute to this, in addition to removing dust.

Cleaning the brush, hose and body

The quality of operation of a vacuum cleaner largely depends on the cleanliness of any of its components. Therefore, at the final stage of cleaning, it is necessary to tidy up the surfaces of the housing and removable parts. This is done in the following sequence:

  1. If there are no buttons, place the inner part of the hose and plastic tube under a stream of warm water. The metal part is only lightly wiped. If a large object gets inside the product, it is carefully removed using a knitting needle or stiff wire.
  2. Clean the brush attachment from debris. First, it is rubbed with your fingers, and then cleaned under water with an old toothbrush. If animal hair or long carpet fibers are tangled in the bristles, carefully trim them with nail scissors.
  3. The cavities for placing the dust collector are wiped with a slightly damp cloth, and then with a dry soft cloth. Particular attention should be paid to the corners of the bag chamber. A layer of dust will not allow the filter to press tightly against the walls of the housing, the hose will move, and this can lead to clogging of the motor.
  4. Using a powerful air flow, the motor is cleaned. To do this, turn on the vacuum cleaner for a few minutes, having previously protected the surrounding surfaces from dust with plastic film.
  5. Clean, dried parts are installed in place. Finally, wipe the outer surface of the device body.

Preventive measures

To extend the life of the vacuum cleaner, it is enough to follow a number of simple rules:

  • At the beginning of cleaning, pick up large items from the floor and furniture, for example: socks, toys, mosaics. These things can get stuck in the hose.
  • Do not use a dry vacuum cleaner to clean up spilled water. It will burn.
  • Avoid getting glass fragments, nails, paper clips, or bobby pins into the device. Such objects will damage the flexible hose and container. And in the worst case, they will penetrate the engine.
  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner to remove construction debris and dust.
  • If the equipment has high power, you should, if possible, turn off other electrical appliances before using it.
  • Save wisely. Do not attempt to reuse disposable paper bags and outlet filters. Reusable keep clean and update promptly.
  • If the container was replaced after a previous cleaning, and the vacuum cleaner does not have a function to block the start when there is no dust container, you should make sure that it is inserted into place.
  • Check the tightness of the connection between the hose and the unit body. If there is a gap, some of the debris will fly onto the elements of the mechanism, and this can cause overheating and breakdown.
  • Do not install poorly dried parts into the device.

Vacuum cleaner prevention

The correct functioning of the device depends 80% on proper operation. To avoid breakdowns and costly repairs in the future, follow simple rules for using vacuum cleaners:

  • Regularly check and replace failed filters - they help the device’s engine stay clean;
  • To clean sharp glass and metal objects, large parts and pieces of fabric, use another method, such as a mop or broom;
  • If during operation there is a burning smell, smoke, or increased vibration, the device should be immediately de-energized and the external filters should be inspected and cleaned.
  • If there are serious problems, it is better to entrust repairs to a specialist.

How to disassemble a Samsung vacuum cleaner - step-by-step instructions

Causes of severe blockage

There are several reasons why the vacuum cleaner lost traction and stopped cleaning:

  • Poor quality dust bags.
  • The dust container has been damaged and cannot perform its function.
  • Too much work, for example during renovations.
  • Improper use, removal of stones and other large objects.
  • Poor fastening of the hose, dust does not reach its destination.
  • The dust bag is full.
  • It has been a long time since all filters have been completely cleaned.

For successful operation, you need to regularly clean the filters, hose and other internal components. The dust bag must be cleaned after each cleaning. If you don't do this, you will quickly feel a decrease in cravings to a minimum when the device stops coping. Don’t let it get to this point, working tight is harmful.

Preparing to clean any model of device

Cleaning the vacuum cleaner and putting it in order will not be difficult if you follow this sequence of actions:

  1. First of all, unplug the device from the socket. Who knows what kind of troubles could happen if the vacuum cleaner (by accidentally pressing the button) starts working during cleaning.
  2. Install the device on an area of ​​the floor that is free from carpet. It is prohibited to perform any manipulations on weight.
  3. Wipe off dust from the cord. To prevent it from getting underfoot, you need to minimize its length: remove the wire automatically or simply roll it into a ring and secure it with an elastic band.
  4. Arm yourself with instructions. This is especially important if cleaning is being done for the first time. Following the manufacturer's instructions, disconnect the hose and immediately disassemble it into its components (flexible accordion, tube and nozzle).
  5. Remove and, if necessary, disassemble dirty filters. For cleaning, the following will be significant:
  • main dust collector (bag, container, aquafilter);
  • engine compartment filter;
  • fine output filter.
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