How to choose an electric hob: expert advice

What types of hobs are there?

Most often, hobs have a square or rectangular shape. The width of the device varies from 25 to 90 centimeters. The depth is almost always standard - 60 centimeters. Less common are hexagonal panels, which are shaped like a honeycomb. People call them “cellular phones”. The number of burners depends on the specific model, but most often there are options with 4 burners.

Hobs can be of three types:

  • gas;
  • electrical;
  • combined.

A gas hob is the best option as it is durable and can save you a lot of money. Stainless steel is the material from which this device is made. True, there are often options where enamel acts as the main material of manufacture. However, if there is no gas supply in the house, then an electric stove can easily replace a gas stove.

Combination stoves have gas and electric burners. Convenient if there are interruptions in electricity or gas supply. You can always switch to another burner without any problems.

Electric panels with heating elements

The heating element (spiral) is the most “ancient” and known for its cheapness panel heating element. Because of their resemblance to pancakes, such burners are called “pancake” burners. The spiral of such a burner is covered with a cast iron or steel stand and such a burner is characterized by a long heating time and a long time.

This panel is controlled by mechanical regulators, rotary type. The control knobs are located on the panel body. In terms of price, these panels are the cheapest.

Electric stove: advantages and disadvantages

Recently, electric hobs are considered the most common. To understand which ones are better, you need to consider their advantages and disadvantages.

Electric stoves have a very wide range of options. You should also take into account a more attractive appearance than, for example, gas ones. The electrical appliance has a flat surface and no cast iron pancakes.

The main advantages are:

  • work safety, as there is no open fire;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • easy to maintain and operate;
  • wide selection of different operating modes;
  • various protective functions.

Despite the impressive list of advantages, the electric stove also has disadvantages :

  • more expensive to operate than gas ones;
  • the need for dishes with a flat bottom.

Hobs with rapid elements (ceramics)

Panels with rapid elements are the correct name for panels that quickly heat up and cool down. Fast heating is provided by heating elements in the form of nichrome spirals. Warm-up time for rapid elements is 10 seconds.

Note: A distinctive feature of rapid and tape burners is high starting currents, which affects the choice of circuit breakers for the hob.

How to choose an electric hob

The best electric cooktop is a myth. There are no best ones, there are only those that best suit a particular consumer. The first thing people pay attention to is the shape and dimensions. As mentioned above, the most common are rectangular slabs. They are purchased most often, since their standard sizes are the easiest to adjust to the kitchen. There are also very non-standard forms of hobs:

  • round;
  • hexagonal;
  • triangular.

Round and triangular panels are most often chosen by those owners who have a spacious kitchen.

Electric cooktops can have from one to five burners.

  1. One burner is an ideal option for a cottage or kitchen with very modest dimensions. Most often they are purchased to complement existing panels.
  2. Two burners are also suitable for a small kitchen or a small family of two. However, you can always purchase two more burners and install them side by side.
  3. Three burners are very unusual for Russian consumers, but they are very convenient. Typically, such devices are 15 centimeters narrower, which makes cooking more convenient.
  4. Four burners are a classic option. However, practice shows that even in a full-fledged family of 4–5 people, only three burners work, and the fourth serves as a “sink” for ready-made dishes.
  5. A five-burner hob is installed exclusively in a large kitchen, as it takes up many times more space. It can have not only a square and rectangular shape, but also a round one. Typically, such devices are more powerful than conventional ones.

Electric hob: features of choice

As a rule, buyers make a choice based on design, color or price.

But there are criteria that also need to be assessed.

  • Determine the shape and size of the kitchen surface.
  • Consider the design: will a standard black panel harmonize with the interior, or is it better to opt for a light one?
  • The number of heating segments, as well as their placement, is an important factor when choosing a stove. For a small kitchen, it is enough to choose a two-segment panel. For a family with children, an electric hob with four or more burners is suitable.
  • It is necessary to evaluate the parameters of the existing dishes and make sure that large dishes are optimally placed on the surface.
  • Analysis of functionality will allow you to determine which modes are better to do without, and not overpay for unnecessary characteristics.

Surface type

The appearance of the surface determines the material from which the slab is made. The way you care for the device also depends on it. Modern hobs can be made of stainless steel, enamel, glass ceramics or tempered glass.

  1. Most often, stainless steel surfaces are made for gas devices, but there are rare examples made of induction cookers. Among the shortcomings is soilability. If you choose a stainless steel unit, it is better to choose a matte surface, as it will not get very dirty. Stainless steel itself is considered a very reliable material that, with proper care, will last for many years.
  2. The enamel surface is used in gas and electric stoves. As a rule, such options are budget-friendly and have a wide range of colors. With daily care it will last a very long time. Among the disadvantages, it is worth noting sensitivity to pinpoint impacts - the enamel begins to chip off.
  3. Glass ceramics is the most popular material for the manufacture of these devices. It is used in the manufacture of gas and electric panels, but is in great demand among the latter. The main advantage of glass ceramics is that not the entire surface is heated, but only the burner. The risk of getting burned is reduced significantly. This can be called both an advantage and a disadvantage, since due to the temperature difference, tension is created inside the material. Therefore, glass ceramics must be treated with great care. Just a drop of cold liquid or the fall of even a light dish can break it.

    When food gets on a hot surface, it instantly burns, and to wipe it off, you need to purchase special products. If liquid containing sugar gets on the stove, it can destroy the surface structure and reduce its strength. Having a number of such disadvantages, the electric stove is still in great demand due to its instant heating (it heats up to the required temperature in just 3-4 seconds) and maintaining temperatures of up to 600 degrees.

  4. The last option is tempered glass. In terms of external characteristics, it is in no way inferior to glass ceramics, but at the same time it is more reliable. The care required is the same as for glass ceramics.

What is an induction hob

Induction or glass ceramics are classified as electric, since the “fuel” on which they operate is electricity, but their operating principle is different. To figure out how to choose an induction hob, you should consider its functionality and operating principle.

The operating principle of this device is heating by electromagnetic induction. The main advantage of the panel is that instead of the dishes, the food itself is heated, and the surface itself remains completely cool. The electric panel, on the contrary, heats the dishes, and they transfer heat to the food. Therefore, choosing an induction hob will lead to significant energy savings (up to 50%).

An induction hob requires special cookware that has ferromagnetic properties. Sometimes it is not easy to find such dishes, and in this case you buy a special adapter in the form of a pancake, which heats up and transfers heat to the dishes. Thus, all of the above advantages of the induction hob are lost, and it turns into an electric one.

The burner turns on automatically as soon as a pan is placed on it and turns off automatically when removed from the stove. Such stoves are almost completely safe to use and are recommended for families with small children or pets.

People with pacemakers are not recommended to work with these devices. Disadvantages include noise during operation and high cost. The cost of induction cookers can vary from 3,000 to 130,000 rubles: the price depends on the size, options and other parameters. To understand which induction hob is better, you need to consider its functionality.

Choosing an induction hob: what to look for

One of the main advantages of induction cookers is their ability to save energy. The efficiency of such a stove is ninety percent, while all others (gas and conventional electric) do not exceed 60%. This depends on the operating characteristics of the induction cooker. The fact is that it works due to magnetic induction: the coil, through electromagnetic waves, heats the dishes themselves, and not the surrounding space around them. Those. all the energy spent goes into work, and is not dissipated aimlessly - energy losses are reduced to almost zero.

Operating principle of an induction hob

It is extremely difficult to get burned on such a stove; moreover, during cooking (even for a long time), the air in the kitchen does not warm up.

Operating the hob is extremely easy. There are many different cooking modes, even for the simplest - single-burner. If something escapes from the pan, you won’t have to scrub it for a long time - food won’t stick to such cooking surfaces.

The cost of this type of stove is quite high, but its popularity is still growing. If a high-quality one-burner can be bought for 4,000-6,000 rubles, then a two-burner can cost 8,000-12,000, and a four-burner can’t be found for less than 20,000 rubles.

How to choose the right induction hob

To answer the question of how to choose a decent induction hob, you need to understand its capabilities.

  1. The first thing you pay attention to is the type of management. It can be touch, magnetic or slide. Mechanical switches are considered reliable, but they are an outdated option that is becoming increasingly rare. The slider is more convenient, but in this case, the cost of the panel will be more expensive. The best option in terms of price and quality is the touch control type.

  2. The number and size of burners can also be different. Here it is worth considering the size of the kitchen, family and cooking needs. For a small kitchen or cottage with a family of no more than two people, a two-burner option is suitable. If the kitchen has a lot of space, then you can take a stove with three or four burners.
  3. Versatility also plays an important role. If there are interruptions in electricity or gas supply, you can purchase a combined surface with gas and induction burners.
  4. Visually marking work areas will be a big plus, since the owner clearly knows where to put the dishes.
  5. More expensive units have a smart timer mode that automatically turns off the stove after cooking.
  6. The keep warm function is another option that makes life more comfortable. Having this function available, you can completely abandon appliances such as a microwave oven.
  7. Expensive models have a “Pause” option. It involves temporarily stopping cooking if there is a need to leave the kitchen.
  8. “Booster” or “PowerBoost” allows you to increase the power of a specific burner for faster cooking. True, the power of other burners will drop significantly.

  9. Surface material: glass ceramics or tempered glass. Both options are popular and compete with each other. As a rule, glass ceramics are stronger, but at the same time significantly more expensive. To purchase a cheaper induction panel, it is recommended to choose tempered glass, but you will have to be more careful when working with such a device.
  10. Energy saving class allows you to save more money.
  11. Induction cookers have 16 heating modes. More expensive equipment has 20, but the price will be higher. The question is whether it makes sense to overpay, having already a large number of modes.
  12. If the family has a small child or pets, then child protection is a necessary option.

This kitchen appliance can be stationary, but there are various options for tabletop induction cookers. Considering these parameters, you can easily answer the question of how to choose the right induction hob.

2-burner built-in electrical panels

Such models are perfect for installation in small kitchens with limited space. These are not full-fledged stoves, but they cope with basic tasks very well.

Samsung CTR432NB02

Electric hob with two High Light burners of larger and smaller diameter. Total power 3 kW, glass-ceramic panel without frame, with dimensions 28.8x50.5 cm.

Advantages of Samsung CTR432NB02:

  1. Small and easily fits in the kitchen of a small family.
  2. The controls are clear without any instructions.
  3. Fast heating to operating temperature.
  4. It turns itself off if no changes occur for a long time.
  5. Timer for setting the cooking period.
  6. Melodious sound when turning on/off.
  7. Child lock buttons.

Disadvantages of Samsung CTR432NB02:

  1. The large burner is a little small for a large frying pan.
  2. Due to the small size of the burners and the stove area itself, it is necessary to switch to smaller volumes of cooking.
  3. The near burner is large for a Turk or a small saucepan and will heat the handle.
  4. There is not enough space between the burners - with a large saucepan, you can no longer place the frying pan.

Conclusion. A good electric hob for regular use in a small kitchen, especially if you have a microwave and multicooker. It has all the functions of the “older” models: locking, spill protection, touch control and timer. The black ceramic surface and white contours of the burners with buttons will organically fit into any interior.

Gorenje ECT 321 BCSC

The profile of the Gorenje brand is considered to be the production of kitchen appliances. The ECT 321 BCSC hob combines the best: high quality, a good range of options, reliability and ease of use. The stove has 2 ceramic burners with Hi Light technology. Working area parameters: diameter 14.5 and 18 cm, power 1.2 and 1.8 kW, respectively.


  • the Stop&Go function allows you to stop and resume work with the same parameters with which the pause began;
  • StayWarm heating function will keep food warm for a long time;
  • timer up to 99 minutes;
  • high power and fast heating;
  • protection from children.

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  • "tight" sensor,
  • price.

Bosch PKF375FP1E

A device with an impressive design, made of black glass ceramics . It is equipped with burners with two heating circuits, which allows you to use larger cookware.

The model is equipped with 17 temperature settings. Due to its high power, it is possible to quickly prepare any food.

Thanks to its compact size, the panel will be the best option for kitchens with small square footage.

Safe operation is due to the presence of a lock button and a protective shutdown system.


  • size - 30.6x52.7 cm;
  • size for installation - 27x49 cm;
  • power - 5.7 kW;
  • burners - double-circuit: 1;
  • control is push-button.


  • fast heating;
  • useful options;
  • 17 modes;
  • logical control;
  • fast heating function.


  • complex surface care;
  • no power cord included.

Tempered glass or glass ceramic

Tempered glass is not used in electrical panels, since during operation it is the surface itself that heats up and the requirements for it are correspondingly higher. Induction panels may have both options.

The difference between these materials is only in heat resistance. Caring for them is approximately the same. To figure out which is better: a tempered glass appliance or a glass-ceramic hob, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of glass.

Glass ceramics
  • resistance to large mechanical impacts;
  • immunity to temperature changes;
  • increased heat resistance.
  • may break in case of targeted impacts;
  • scratches appear easily;
  • high price.
Strained glass
  • relatively low cost;
  • possibility of slight flexibility;
  • high resistance to mechanical damage.
  • weak edge;
  • After tempering glass, there is no possibility of processing it with various mechanical operations.

Rating of the best hobs

  1. The best electric glass ceramic stoves

The German electric panel KUPPERSBERG FT6VS16 has an attractive design and four burners of different sizes, which are equipped with a separate timer. Controlled using a touch panel. The advantages also include such functions as child protection, expansion of the heating diameter, and panel locking. The cost is approximately 25,000 rubles.

The rating of electric hobs includes the English MAUNFELD MVCE 59.4HL.1SM1DZT BK, which is considered an ideal option for price-quality ratio. It has the same functionality as KUPPERSBERG, but in addition it has a residual heat indicator and independent installation. The burners are made of ceramics. Each of them has one additional heating element. The burners have different shapes: two regular, one double-circuit and one oval. Based on the above, we can confidently point out its versatility. Price 26,000 rubles.

The most popular one was ASKO HC1643G. The hob is made of glass ceramics. Customer reviews say that the main advantage of this device is high-quality heating. The Hi Light function means the heating element is located over the entire area of ​​the burner. Another advantage is the short-term pause mode. When you turn it on, the burner simply maintains heat. The price of the burner is about 27,000 rubles.

  1. The best induction cookers

Of course, induction cooktops are excellent. The ranking of the best will be discussed below.

The rating of induction hobs is completed by Hansa BHI68608 from German manufacturers. Enjoys great sales and positive reviews from owners. The main advantage is the ability to use dishes of different sizes. The two burners on the right have different sizes, and on the left you can place a large oval or rectangular pan. Control is played using the touch panel. The average cost is 22,000 rubles.

Electrolux EHG 96341 FK is another decent hob. Its cost is slightly higher than Hansa and is approximately 26,000 rubles. This device can rightfully be called universal, since its burners are divided into ceramic and induction; two of each. To cook on this panel, owners do not have to completely change all the cookware. Some useful options include the following:

  • protection from children and animals;
  • residual heat indicator;
  • timer;
  • auto shutdown

The best induction hob, judging by reviews and purchase rates, is BOSCH PIE631FB1E. The stove is fully induction, has touch controls, and also has the same set of options as Electrolux. The PowerBoost function can double the power. Used for quick heating. For example, it only takes five minutes to boil 5 liters of water.

Wide 4-burner hobs

The most common panels that have gained popularity due to their versatility, convenience and reasonable cost.

Bosch PKE645B17

High Light cooktop with four burners and backlight. It features fast heating and a total power of 6.6 kW. The touch buttons for increasing heat have a minimalistic style and are easy to operate.

Advantages of Bosch PKE645B17:

  1. The metal edging protects the corners from chipping - a dropped plate or spoon will not cause harm.
  2. Shut-off timer for self-completion of the cooking process.
  3. Convenient touch switching.
  4. Very fast heating of the burners.
  5. Protection against liquid leakage (electronic and mechanical).
  6. Adjusting the audio level allows you to set an acceptable tone that will be heard in another room.

Disadvantages of Bosch PKE645B17:

  1. The heating zones of the burners do not expand.
  2. It requires proper installation so that the internal channels for heat removal are not covered by the countertop, otherwise the surface will become very hot.
  3. For some users, after a year, the electronic board burned out, the cost of replacing which is almost equal to the price of the stove itself.
  4. Difficulty finding spare parts for repairs or long waits for delivery from the factory.
  5. To lower the temperature, you need to repeatedly click on the touch button.

Conclusion. An electrical panel from a German concern is well suited for a home with small children. It has a control lock feature so you can't turn it on or change settings. If you start the burner without any cookware installed, it signals this to draw the user's attention. The metal frame of this model heats up less than others, which also increases safety.

Electrolux EHH 56240 IK

The legendary European brand Electrolux offers a wide range of equipment to suit every taste and budget.

The total power of the unit in question is 6.6 kW, distributed over four induction burners. The diameter of the largest of them is 210 mm, and its performance varies in the range from 2.3 to 2.8 kW. The average one with a power of 1.8 kW has dimensions of 18 cm. There is also a pair of 145 mm burners. However, for the left far one the performance is 1.2 kW, and for the right near one – from 1.2 to 1.8 kW.


  • affordable price;
  • high build quality;
  • high level of efficiency;
  • practicality and reliability;
  • responsiveness of the control panel;
  • possibility of blocking buttons.


  • For full power you need a two-phase network.

Hansa BHCI96808

Glass ceramic panel with sensitive sensor . To turn on the mode, just one touch is enough, which greatly simplifies operation.

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The water boils quickly.

Heat indicator simplifies use and increases safety . You can place large dishes on the three-circuit heating zone.

Even with frequent use, a small amount of electricity is consumed.


  • size - 57.5x50.5 cm;
  • size for installation - 56x49 cm;
  • power - 6.4 kW;
  • control - slider.


  • low price;
  • functionality;
  • sensitive sensor;
  • auto-boil.


  • errors in instructions;
  • complex surface care.

Indesit VIA 640 0 C

The well-known manufacturer of household appliances presents a stylish, functional and powerful electric cooktop with four induction burners, which provide almost instant heating and maintain the desired temperature.

The surface has 9 power levels for cooking a variety of dishes. The hob has built-in functions for recognizing the presence of dishes on the burners and emergency shutdown.

The burners are also equipped with a timer that allows you to set the cooking time. All control of the panel is carried out through the touch panel, access to which, by the way, can be blocked so that children cannot turn it on.

All this makes it easier to interact with the hob; you will quickly understand all the nuances. The panel can be locked to prevent children from accessing it.

Main characteristics
Power7.2 kW
Number of burners4
Number of power levels9
Dimensions for installation (WxD)56 x 49 cm


  • Instant heating;
  • Intuitive touch controls;
  • Child protection;
  • Induction type burners;
  • Burner timer;
  • Stylish appearance.


  • A slight hum is heard during operation.

Gorenje ECT 641 BSC

A stylish and modern hob with a convenient sensor is safe to use.

The control panel is located on the front, providing quick access to settings.

You can pause, then resume the process with identical settings.

The model is equipped with a residual heat indicator that warns about the degree of surface heating.


  • size - 59.5x52 cm;
  • size for installation - 56x49 cm;
  • power - 6.5 kW;
  • control - slider.


  • high-quality surface;
  • convenient control;
  • pause and timer option;
  • instant heating.


  • lack of a burner with 2-3 zones;
  • frame design needs to be improved.

Where can I buy

You can purchase the device as quickly as possible at your nearest specialty store. The optimal option, in terms of price-quality ratio, remains purchasing from the AliExpress online store. Mandatory long waits for parcels from China are a thing of the past, because now many goods are in intermediate warehouses in destination countries: for example, when ordering, you can select the “Delivery from the Russian Federation” option:

Induction hob Darina P EI523 BElectric hob/also gas stoveXEOLEO Electric Ceramic Stove for Home Use
Hob Hansa Hi-Light BHC66506Electric hob Darina 4P E329 BElectric hob Zigmund & Shtain CN 39.6 B

Types of kitchen electric hobs

  • Dependent - installed above the oven, with which it shares power supply and control. The advantage of this type is the ease of selecting a set: the same type of panel and oven have a common design, handles, and color. A built-in electric hob has a significant disadvantage: if the oven fails, the consumer will lose the entire set. In addition, the surface and oven cannot be separated; you will have to make a choice in favor of the model offered by the manufacturer. Even if some functions are not needed.
  • Independent – ​​works autonomously from the oven. The advantages of this type are obvious: you can combine, choose an expensive hob, as well as a budget-level oven. Or place such a set in different corners of the kitchen by installing the oven in the kitchen drawer at the desired height.

Owner reviews

Most hobs are not included in the best rating, but this does not make them unworthy of consumer attention. It is generally accepted that the best induction hobs are BOSCH, but this is a mistaken opinion, since there are decent options among other models.

Many owners liked the LEX EVN 640 BL electric stove. The producers have worked hard on it. It has a beautiful appearance and a rich set of options. The surface has 4 burners and 9 heating modes, although the owners indicate that 6 would be enough for them. The functions include a timer, locking, and a touch control panel. The price of this unit is approximately 10,000 rubles.

Electrolux EHF 6547 XOK is in even greater demand. A glass-ceramic appliance with four burners with different heating areas. This device is induction and has many functions:

  • timer;
  • stop+go (function similar to “Pause”, necessary if you need to leave);
  • automatic heating;
  • 14 heating modes;
  • automatic shut-off function and many other options.

Another option for glass-ceramic tiles is Bauknecht EDPS 6640 IN. Quite an expensive electric stove. Its cost is approximately 35,000 rubles. Has a touch panel, 17 operating modes. There are 4 burners of different sizes available. Options:

  • PowerBoost;
  • automatic boiling;
  • “Pause” function;
  • alarm;
  • timer;
  • panel lock;
  • protection from children.

( 2 ratings, average 4 out of 5 )
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