Robot vacuum cleaner iLIFE V5s Pro


iLife V5S Pro comes in a cardboard box with a plastic handle for easy carrying.

The kit includes:

  1. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  2. Charging base.
  3. Power adapter.
  4. Remote control and two AAA batteries.
  5. Two spare side brushes.
  6. Two additional HEPA filters.
  7. Brush for cleaning the container.
  8. Module with microfiber cloth.
  9. Spare fiber cloth.
  10. Water reservoir.
  11. User manual with warranty card.

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My verdict is this: the ILIFE brand cares about the consumer, guaranteeing the durability of its product! I'm glad that consumables for it can be purchased separately in case of loss or wear!

If you have a free amount of up to 10,000 rubles in your family budget, then spend it on a robot vacuum cleaner and forget about the grueling sweeping and washing of the floor by hand.

I advise and recommend for purchase. iLIFE V5s Pro brand products are reliable and high quality! Even a child can operate it! Once again, I bought it on Aliexpress. I also recommend a Congis spray mop and a Bosch MUM food processor.


The design of the robot is made in a minimalist style, combining simplicity and elegance. The round case with a diameter of 300 mm is made of white plastic with black inserts. A characteristic visual feature of the V5S Pro model is its golden front cover. The control panel has a “Clean” touch button and three pairs of indicator lights.

The robot is equipped with a soft touch bumper, standard for budget Chuwi models. A slot for a garbage disposal or water reservoir is located immediately under the lid.

Turning the vacuum cleaner over, you can see rubberized 65 mm RoadRover wheels, a swivel roller, contacts for connecting to a charging station, and replaceable brushes. In front of the suction hole there is a battery compartment cover with two screws. At the back of the case there are 2 holes for water supply, over which a removable microfiber holder is placed. The cleaning cloth is attached to the holder with Velcro.


iLife V5S Pro combines dry and wet cleaning functions. The high-power motor allows it to suck in any type of debris on laminate, tile, linoleum and parquet. Wheels with high suspension help the robot overcome small thresholds and climb carpets. The robotic assistant collects hair, fur and crumbs from soft fluffy surfaces, but leaves behind sand and fine dust.

The 300ml dust container needs to be cleaned every few days. When constantly working in large areas with a high degree of contamination, the drive must be emptied daily. The container is equipped with a double filtration system, which consists of a mesh filter for large particles of debris, and a porous filter for fine dust.

Wet cleaning is more of an auxiliary function in the iLife V5S Pro arsenal. A smart assistant can refresh linoleum and collect dust lying on top, but it cannot cope with dried stains.

Reference! Uniform supply of water to the cleaning cloth is ensured by i-Dropping technology: wetting occurs only while the robot is moving. This saves water consumption and prevents the risk of short circuits. However, charging the vacuum cleaner with the water tank inserted is strictly prohibited.

The algorithm for launching iLife V5S Pro for wet cleaning is as follows:

  1. Attach the microfiber to the removable holder, avoiding folds.
  2. Install the holder into the corresponding slots under the bottom of the vacuum cleaner.
  3. Pour 200 ml of water into the liquid reservoir and replace the dust collector.
  4. Turn on the device in any mode except “Max” - it is not advisable to use it for wet cleaning.

After the robot has washed the floors, the reservoir must be removed, the remaining water drained if necessary, the cloth removed from the holder and rinsed thoroughly.

The 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery lasts for 110-150 minutes of battery life. The smart assistant independently monitors the battery charge, stops working if necessary and goes to the docking station.

When controlled from the remote control, additional options are available:

  • Setting the current time is necessary for the timer to work correctly.
  • Scheduled cleaning – the vacuum cleaner will begin performing its duties at the specified time.
  • Forced sending to the base (button with a picture of a house).

Reference! The docking station should be installed against a wall so that there is 1 m of free space on each side of it and 2 m in front.

iLife V5S Pro operates in four modes:

  • Automatic – activated by pressing the central button on the remote control or the “Clean” button on the device body. The vacuum cleaner begins a chaotic movement from obstacle to obstacle, simultaneously sucking up debris or wiping floors.
  • Thorough cleaning in one place - activated by a button with a “sight”. The robotic assistant begins cleaning the floor along a spiral path within a radius of 1 m.
  • Cleaning along the walls – a button with a rectangle image. The robot reaches the nearest wall and begins cleaning around the perimeter of the room.
  • “Max” mode – the device increases suction power from 600 to 850 Pa.

A set of IR sensors is responsible for mapping and orientation in space: 5 sensors are built into the bumper, 3 fall sensors are located on the bottom near the drive wheels and the rotary roller. The robot successfully maneuvers under tables and beds and stops in front of steps.

Advice! To improve the quality of cleaning from the floor, you need to lift chairs, bags, shoes, wires and the edges of curtains.

iLife V55 Pro robot vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning function

Good afternoon to all lovers of smart technology. After all, you see, such devices really make our lives easier. In my review, I will show you a good assistant in the daily fight against dust, debris and animal hair - a robot vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function - iLife V55 Pro.


  • Model: V55 Pro
  • Voltage: 14.4V-14.8V
  • Battery: Li-ion
  • Power: 22 W
  • Charging Type: Auto Charge / Manual Charge
  • Dust container capacity: 0.3 l
  • Water tank capacity: 0.18L
  • Application: Tile, Wood, Carpet
  • Cleaning modes: Auto, Spot, Along walls, Scheduled
  • Virtual wall: Yes
  • Charging time: Approximately 200-350 minutes
  • Working time: 110-130 minutes
  • Button type: Touch
  • Display: LED module
  • Diameter: 348 mm
  • Height: 92 mm
  • Weight: 2.68 kg

Packaging and delivery

The vacuum cleaner is packed well, in 2 shipping boxes. The first one is made of thick, rough cardboard. The one underneath is made of strong and presentable-looking color printed cardboard. This box is quite informative; on it you will see an image of the device and the main technical characteristics.

The kit includes everything you need to operate and run the device right out of the box, right down to the batteries for the remote control and the virtual wall.

So, in the box there are:

  • robot vacuum cleaner
  • dock station
  • network adapter
  • adapter
  • remote control complete with batteries
  • virtual wall complete with batteries
  • spare filter
  • two spare side brushes
  • brush cleaning tool
  • main and additional microfiber cloths
  • brief operating instructions, by the way, in Russian
  • warranty card


The vacuum cleaner has a classic round body, which shines because it has a glossy black surface with a shiny edging in the center, this edging is not metal. It highlights the area of ​​the lid under which the garbage container is located. It is made of dark transparent plastic and has a carrying handle.

Looking under the cover, you can find a dust container with two removable filters: a coarse filter and a HEPA filter.

The vacuum cleaner has compact dimensions (diameter 35 cm, height 9 cm) despite the fact that in its body it fits 2 containers with a total capacity of 480 ml.

On top of the front side of the vacuum cleaner there is an IR sensor and a touch control unit. It is represented by functional buttons:

  1. PLAN – set a work schedule
  2. SPOT – launching point mode of operation
  3. “Basket” - dust bin full indicator
  4. HOME – installation on a charging station
  5. CLEAN – start button in “Auto” mode

Compared to other models, this robot is somewhat tall - 9 cm; there are models whose height is only 7 cm. But this is explained by the possibility of wet cleaning. The enlargement of the body occurs due to the presence of a second water tank and the attachment of a special napkin to the bottom of the vacuum cleaner.

The end of the vacuum cleaner is also plastic, sensors are located around the entire perimeter and in the bumper, and air ducts are located on the left and right.

At the front end there is a front movable bumper, in the lower part of which a rubber pad is glued. It is designed to protect the body during accidental impacts against obstacles.

There are 4 sets of sensors on the bottom that detect height differences and prevent the device from falling.

On the right side of the front side there is also a charging connector.

On the back of the vacuum cleaner there are side brushes made of synthetic bristles, a nozzle, 3 wheels, a place to install a container with water, an area for attaching a napkin, a power button and a sticker with some information about the vacuum cleaner.

Between the brushes there is a contact group for docking with the base station and recharging the robot vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner is very maneuverable due to its 3 wheels. 2 of them are large, with a diameter of 5 cm. They have rubber linings with a tread and are well cushioned. Thanks to them, the robot vacuum cleaner copes well with obstacles up to 13 mm in height.

The third wheel is located closer to the edge in the nose of the vacuum cleaner. It is designed to determine the distance traveled by the device. The wheel can be easily removed, either separately or with the platform on which it is attached. This is convenient for removing debris.

The water container, with a volume of 180 ml, is made of a combined material. Its upper part is made of black matte plastic; it has a much larger area than the tank itself. Which is made of transparent dark plastic. At first glance, it may seem that the tank is too small, but the volume of water is quite enough to do a light wet cleaning of a room with an area of ​​50 m2, or even more. The tank has a hole for filling it with water, which is securely closed with a silicone plug.

It is not difficult to secure the fabric napkin; on one side it is put on the holder, on the other it is secured with Velcro. The napkins are easy to care for and can be washed in soapy water.

There are no complaints about the build quality and materials, everything is done well, you won’t find any unevenness, cracks, creaks, or glue. At first, the glossy surface is confusing, but with a dry cloth, the dust that has settled on the case is easily wiped off, and the case shines again.

The docking station is made of plastic. There is a contact group on the footrest, which the robot vacuum cleaner runs onto to replenish the battery charge level.

The base of the docking station is equipped with rubber feet, which ensure reliable grip of the docking station with the floor surface at the moment when the robot drives onto it. The correct installation of the device is confirmed by the vacuum cleaner, which emits a sound signal.

To clean a certain area of ​​the room, manufacturers include in the package with the vacuum cleaner means that limit its movement. Some vacuum cleaners are equipped with tape-style limiters. I find it more convenient to use a portable wall in the form of a free-standing block. Which is exactly what the wall included in this kit is. This wall follows the design of the charging station. The virtual wall is powered by two LR14 batteries. It limits the movements of the robot vacuum cleaner, actually acting as an obstacle that it encounters along the way.

As I said above, the vacuum cleaner can be controlled using the remote control. The remote control contains buttons that control the movement of the robot vacuum cleaner, activation of the Turbo mode, buttons responsible for selecting one or another cleaning mode, and a return button to the charging station.

The remote control is powered by two AAA batteries, which are included in the kit.

In general, I would like to say that I was pleased with the kit, the manufacturer took care, included spare components, and, surprisingly for budget equipment, the entire necessary set of batteries. Immediately after unpacking, the vacuum cleaner can start working.

Functional features and operation of the device

So, V55 Pro works in 6 modes:

  1. Automatic cleaning
  2. Cleaning along the walls
  3. Spot cleaning
  4. Wet cleaning
  5. Manual method of controlling the robot using a remote control
  6. Scheduled cleaning

There are some of them that can be launched in 2 ways: from the remote control or using touch control from the device body. The only drawback of this device is the lack of software for creating a floor plan. But, I’ll tell you, I was still satisfied with the result of the vacuum cleaner; after working with the program, not a single corner of the apartment remained dirty.

Let's look at each mode in more detail.

Automatic cleaning assumes that the robot independently selects the most optimal operating mode, and you can choose 1 of 2 speeds, i.e. further increase or decrease the suction power.

Cleaning along walls or cleaning along the perimeter involves the robot moving along the walls of the room. This mode is especially relevant for pet owners, because animal hair often collects along the walls.

You will start spot cleaning mode when you accidentally spill cereal on the floor or decide to clean up bread/cookie crumbs after lunch. You should decide on the central point where the most debris is concentrated, install the vacuum cleaner there, and it will begin to move in a spiral, as if sweeping away debris underneath itself, while increasing its range of action. After a certain point, it begins to gradually move towards the center to the starting point, decreasing the radius. Activation of this mode is possible both from the remote control and using a button on the case.

To refresh the floor surface, you can use the robot vacuum cleaner in the Wet cleaning mode, which is compatible with any other mode, you just need to fill the tank with water. This does not mean that the floor will be perfectly shiny, because no detergents can be used. However, you will notice the difference between dry cleaning and wet cleaning. I recommend using this mode after the floor has been cleaned by the robot, for example in automatic mode on low power. This way you will save battery power, and it will be enough to start the vacuum cleaner again. After cleaning the waste container, fill the tank with water and start a new mode. During wet cleaning, the cloth adheres tightly to the floor, and water is supplied to the cloth from a water reservoir. Dust and debris will collect on the napkin. While mopping the floor, you can interrupt the vacuum cleaner and rinse the cloth. Under no circumstances leave a wet cloth attached to the vacuum cleaner after cleaning, as... it comes into contact with the floor surface, and from prolonged contact with the floor covering it can release moisture and ruin it.

By “manual cleaning” I mean step-by-step control of the vacuum cleaner using the buttons of the same name on the control panel: left/right, forward/backward.

Scheduled cleaning is one of my favorite modes. This way you can program the device, and your assistant will do the cleaning when you arrive, without straining your hearing with the sound of a running engine and without limiting your activities (for example, playing floor games with a child) with his presence. Setting timers is possible using buttons on the device body. You can set a timer that repeats at the same time 7 days a week, or you can create a schedule for it to work for seven days. Be careful to leave the vacuum cleaner running on its own; you must make sure that there are no small parts, laces, or wires left on the floor, and that the vacuum cleaner itself is sufficiently charged when it starts.

If the battery charge level reaches a critical minimum, the robot vacuum cleaner will rush to the base station to replenish the charge, after which it will continue the cleaning cycle from the place where the program was interrupted.

At the end of the cleaning cycle, the vacuum cleaner returns to the place from which it was launched; if the launch was performed in automatic mode and the vacuum cleaner was at the charging base, the robot will return to the base station to replenish the battery charge level.

By the way, about autonomy and recharging of the vacuum cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a fairly powerful battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh. This charge is enough to vacuum an apartment with an area of ​​80 square meters alternately in 2 modes, dry and wet cleaning. In other words, the battery lasts for 2 hours of operation of the device, provided that the battery is fully charged when the cleaning cycle begins. At the same time, you can safely set the maximum suction power. This is an excellent result for a cordless washing vacuum cleaner.

One of the advantages of this model is the ability to charge the device in two ways: Automatic charging or Manual charging. I described the conditions for automatic charging above. For manual charging, the device has a connector for connecting it to the network. Charging time does not depend on the selected mode.


Having tested this device, I was again satisfied with the iLife product. This vacuum cleaner has a sufficient range of functions for high-quality cleaning. Planning the cleaning area and remembering the coordinates of the room, a variety of operating modes, including spot mode and manual control, 2 power modes, various sensors that protect the device from falls and collisions, warnings about the fullness of the dust collector, enhanced case protection, long battery life. Maneuverable and compact, it will refresh your flooring using the wet cleaning mode, or clean in hard-to-reach places, under the bed, chest of drawers, and can even look under the kitchen cabinet. It will easily overcome thresholds up to 13 mm high. And if you only need to clean a specific area, use a virtual wall. You can program the robot to work in your absence by setting a start time for each of the 7 days a week. By the way, having a low noise level, it will not burden you, even if it works in your presence. The good news is that the garbage container is removable, and the filters can be cleaned and washed with water.

I would like to say that iLife products are popular among buyers in the CIS countries. I became convinced at the moment when, while picking up my vacuum cleaner from a transport company, I almost mistakenly picked up someone else’s, the same one. And there are also enough Russian-language reviews on Aliexpress about them.


Advantages and disadvantages

After analyzing the characteristics declared by the manufacturer and user reviews of the iLife V5S Pro, I identified the following pros and cons.


  • Modern design.
  • Small dimensions, height 76 mm.
  • Capacity lithium-ion battery 2600 mAh.
  • The presence of wet cleaning and a separate water tank - 0.3 l.
  • i-Dropping technology.
  • Dual filtration system with technology
  • Four operating modes.
  • Programming cleaning by time.
  • Remote control by remote control.
  • Suction power – 850 Pa.
  • Large RoadRover drive wheels with a diameter of 65 mm.


  • Small dust container volume – 0.3 l.
  • No virtual wall.
  • It can only be controlled from the remote control; there is no app for a smartphone.

The average cost is 10-11 thousand rubles in 2021 for iLife V5S Pro; by purchasing the device on aliexpress, you can save money.

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