TOP 10 best routers for installation in a table: rating 2020-2021 and which reliable tool to choose

Place Name Characteristics in the rating
The best low-power routers (up to 1200 W)
1Bort BOF-1080NFavorable combination of price and quality
2Interskol FM-55/1000EHighest quality instrument. User selection
3Makita RP0900Optimal equipment and best ergonomics
The best medium power routers (1200 – 1900 W)
1Makita 3612CBest quality. User selection
2Bosch POF 1400 ACEBest maximum spindle speed (28 thousand rpm)
3Wert EVR 1450ELowest price in the segment
The best high-power routers (1900 - 2600 W)
1Makita RP2300FCBest quality
2Hammer FRZ2200 PREMIUMThe optimal combination of price and quality. Availability of three collets included (6, 8, 12 mm)
3CALIBER FE-1900/12M+High level of reliability
The best edge routers
1Bosch GKF 600 ProfessionalThe best professional router for edge work
2Makita RT0700CX2The optimum ratio of price and quality
3Hammer FRZ710 PREMIUMFavorable price offer. Universal router


Rating: 5.0 Price: from 370.38 rub.
up to
1195.19 rub.
Go to the store Carbide conical cutters with ball tip. AliExpress offers different diameters: 4mm, 6mm and 8mm. The total length of the cutters is from 20 to 75 mm.


  • titanium-aluminum coating.

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Rating: 4.8 Price: from 0.66 rub.
up to
76.18 rub.
Go to the store These are cutters for processing the ends of wood. The tips of the products have different shapes and are made of an alloy of tungsten and cobalt. Shank diameter 6 mm. The length of the cutting edge is available to choose from.


  • large selection of tip shapes.

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Selecting a device: expert opinion

Don't buy devices based solely on how versatile they are. If you decide to use the router professionally, then universal branded variations will be very expensive. If we turn to more affordable prices, then such milling cutters will not be suitable for all types of work at the same time, and therefore will lose out to a specialized tool.

If you need to buy a device for your home, then it is better to use a budget-class “station wagon”. It can really be profitable to purchase and durable in practice.

We hope that our article will help you make your choice and purchase of a router easier. Please note that TOPs are for informational purposes only. We did not try to impose any specific product models on you for future purchase. The choice is entirely yours, and we do not specialize in advertising. And if you have experience using milling cutters, you can share your opinion in the comments to the article.

Review of popular models of manual milling machines

There are many models of hand-held milling machines from both domestic and foreign manufacturers on the domestic market for hand-held electric tools. The most popular in different categories are the models listed in the following table in two categories - universal and edge manual wood milling machines.

CategoryImageModelPlace in the ranking of the online magazine
Universal, vertical"Hitachi M12V2"3
"Makita RP1800F"2
"Bosch GMF 1600 CE"1
Edge"DeWALT DWE 6005"3
"Makita 3709"2
"Bosch GKF 600 Professional"1

Among domestic models, the most popular manual milling machine is the Interskol FM-32/1900E brand.


Rating: 4.9 Price: 457.72 rub.
Go to the store High-quality twist drills designed for drilling various metals. There are 10 types of attachments to choose from. Made of tungsten carbide.


  • quality;
  • low price.

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Rating: 4.9 Price: from 571.99 rub.
up to
688.22 rub.
Go to store This is a set of high-quality high-speed steel (HSS) cutters that are perfect for professional processing of various metals and wood. The set includes 10 cutters with different tip shapes.


  • high quality cutter material (HSS);
  • large selection of nozzles.

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Which router is better to buy: list of brands

The design of the best manual wood router will be similar to a jigsaw or an electric hacksaw. Today, fairly well-known brands are producing such devices. There are also unfamiliar brands on the market, but you shouldn’t pay serious attention to them. The thing is that under unknown brands there are often devices with low production quality, and therefore they will quickly fail. As a result, you may quickly find yourself needing to repair the device. Many of us clearly do not have such a desire. It’s better to spend a little more money, but you will have the best wood router in your collection that will last a long time without saddening the owner.

In our country, good models are produced by brands such as

  • AEG;
  • Bosch;
  • DeWALT;
  • Hitachi.

These are foreign brands. If you cannot fork out for this purchase, then you should pay attention to domestic products. Feel free to ask your consultant for information about models. It is also recommended to study customer reviews on the Internet.


Rating: 4.9 Price: from 641.60 rub.
up to
926.60 rub.
Go to the store A set of end mills for engraving and rounding the corners of wooden products. The set contains 12 cutters of various shapes. The tips of the product are yellow.


  • large selection of forms;
  • HSS steel.

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