Automatic hair curling iron: a curling iron that makes curls yourself

Pros and cons of automatic curling irons

There are several reasons to take a closer look at automatic curling irons:

  • skin burns are almost excluded. In automatic closed-type curling irons, the heating elements are located inside the structure and do not come into contact with the skin. Open curling irons also hardly contribute to burns, because when curling, you don’t need to touch the heated cylinder with your hands, the curl is formed by automatic rotation;
  • laying speed increases. Much of the work is done by the curling irons themselves. Users of devices on the Internet note that curling has been halved;
  • Automatic curling irons are used by professional craftsmen, this indicates a high level of confidence in such devices.

Curling irons with an automatic curl formation system also have several disadvantages:

  • devices with automatic rotation are massive, not all models are suitable for travel;
  • There are models with a wide selection of modes. This may seem difficult to the average person. Some people like ease of use;
  • automatic curling irons are not suitable for short hair;
  • not all models provide curling close to the roots;
  • Modern automatic curling irons from world-famous brands cost much more than classic curling irons.

How to choose and what to pay attention to

When choosing, you should consider the following factors:

  • What result is needed;
  • Manufacturer and company that produces tongs;
  • Coating;
  • Number of temperature modes;
  • View;
  • Diameter.

Attention ! Another important factor is the condition, type and length of the hair.

Automatic curling iron care and precautions

The working surfaces of automatic curling irons accumulate styling products and sometimes dust or grease as they are used. They should be cleaned. If you do not keep the device clean, the device will heat up longer and unevenly.

Some curling irons include a bottle for adding water to the steamer and a device for cleaning the heating cylinder

How to clean automatic curling irons:

  1. Unplug the device.
  2. To clean the case, use wet wipes for monitors or keyboards, do not use water. Most stains can be removed with a dry flannel cloth.
  3. For closed structures, use a special tool to clean the heating cylinder. Place the device inside the cylinder and rotate for a few seconds.

    It is recommended to clean the curling iron after 2-3 uses.

  4. To clean an open curling iron, take a dry cloth. Do not scratch the ceramic coating of the device. Any damage to the ceramics will reduce the quality of the installation.

How to troubleshoot

Each manufacturer has its own rules for returning equipment or repairing it. For example, the warranty period for servicing Babylis automatic curling irons is 3 years. During this time, you will be able to contact a warranty workshop to have the faults fixed free of charge. If you followed the operating instructions, the technician will repair the device, replace the failed device with a new one, or offer to take money.

Find out about the terms of the warranty before you pay for the product.

Do not attempt to repair the curling iron yourself until the warranty period has expired. If you open the case, the workshop may not accept the device for warranty service.

Do not buy used automatic curling irons. You may end up with a counterfeit or damaged product. Choose an online store carefully if you plan to purchase online. Your seller must have an exact address and product certificates. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer to see if the seller is an official distributor of the brand.

How to distinguish a fake from the original

The popularity of Babylis curling irons has led to the appearance of many counterfeits of these devices on the market. The French brand takes seriously how consumers perceive its products. Therefore, the official website provides detailed recommendations on where to buy real products and how to distinguish a fake. The basic rules are:

  • Buy curling irons only from official Babylis representatives. You can find distributors of the French brand on the official websites of Babyliss and BabylissPro;
  • Do not purchase Babylis curling irons on fly-by-night websites. The lack of contact information for the store should be alarming. It's a bad sign if the site only sells one or two products;
  • pay attention to the cost. If the price of a curling iron is too low, it indicates a fake. Real automatic curling irons cannot cost less than 3.5 thousand rubles, and classic curling irons from a French manufacturer are sold at prices starting from 2.5 thousand.

You may have bought a fake if your curling iron:

  • emits an unpleasant specific odor when curling;
  • tangles hair;
  • overheats;
  • does not have instructions or a completed warranty card.

All brand products are divided into two large groups: the mass segment and PRO category products. If the name of the curling iron contains the PRO mark, then information about it can be found on the website Products for the mass consumer are presented on the official website of the brand

Don't buy curling irons secondhand. In this case, you will not be able to get the quality you need from Babylis.

By joining brand groups on the social networks VKontakte and Facebook, you can get up-to-date information about scammers. Babylis publishes and constantly updates a database of sites where counterfeit curling irons are sold.

The best automatic curling irons of 2018

Among the top sellers are closed and open models from different price segments.

Curling iron BaBylissPRO BAB2665SE

The BAB2665SE model from the famous French brand belongs to the category of professional devices. The full name of the curling iron is BaByliss PRO Miracurl Steamtech BAB2665SE.

Inside the box, the BaByliss PRO Miracurl Steamtech BAB2665SE device is fixed

It is not easy for a beginner to understand its functions, so you need to carefully study the instructions.

The curling iron combines almost all the innovations of recent years:

  • The curling iron has a steam function. It performs the same role as a steamer for ironing clothes. Steam helps heat penetrate deep into each hair. The hair cuticle is smoothed, and the curls look shinier and healthier. To generate steam, the design includes a container that needs to be filled with water. The device packaging should contain a special bottle to simplify the procedure. The steaming mode can be turned off;
  • users note the low noise level of the BAB2665SE model;
  • The device has an auto shutdown mode after 1 hour of operation. There is a sleep function: if the curling iron is not used for more than 20 minutes, the temperature of the cylinder is reduced to 150 degrees;
  • ceramic coating protects hair from overheating;
  • There are three time options for heating the strands: 8, 10 and 12 seconds. When the time has expired, the timer signal sounds;
  • there are three heating modes: 190, 210 and 230 °C;
  • the cylinder is fired in two directions. There is an auto-rotation mode: it starts alternately, then to the right, then to the left. This helps create symmetrical curls.

Babylis created this curling iron for professional hairdressers. Therefore, the model has a long service life. For example, the motor for rotation mode runs up to 10 thousand hours.

BaByliss curling iron is sold complete with spare parts

The curls come out magnificent, dense, neat, as if they were curled in a salon. It takes me 40 minutes to completely curl my thick hair. With a regular curling iron, about an hour and a half. But for me, the main thing in this curling iron is not the curling time, but the durability of the curls. The curls made with Babyliss look perfect for me for a day, then they become just beautiful waves.

My biggest problem with regular curling irons was the crumpled end of the curl, which did not want to be pinched nicely with the curling iron. There is nothing like that in this curling iron, the curl is gorgeous from start to finish!

But for me, there is no concern for hair. It ruins your hair, just like regular curling irons. Be sure to use thermal protection!

It’s nice that the hair doesn’t get tangled, and the curling iron itself neatly twists it into itself. If something goes wrong, she will let your hair go.


Curls like a doll's, give you a feeling of celebration! The thinner the curl, the more magnificent and solemn your hair will be. For everyday styling, it is better to do the lightest curls at a gentle temperature.

What does the steam function do? I tested the electric tongs in different modes and I can say that the steam function is a very cool thing that has many advantages. Thanks to the steam, the hair does not dry out and becomes smoother. And the styling process also speeds up, because as soon as the steam evaporates, the curl is ready! The styling actually lasts longer and the curls are clearer than without steam - I tested it myself. I will use this feature every time.


Video: review of the BAB2665SE curling iron and hairstyle using this device

Curling iron "Ladomir A76"

An automatic curling iron from a Russian manufacturer is one of the affordable and easy-to-use devices. Conservative users can be satisfied: these are the same pliers with a clamp, familiar from childhood.

Classic compact design and affordable price are the main advantages of the Ladomir A76 model

All details that require attention are made in bright pink. These are buttons for rotation, temperature selection, and a heating cylinder.

The pink color of the stick is not only an element of an attractive design, but also a shade of the ceramic coating. The tongs have a cold tip to help with the work.

The budget curling iron “Ladomir A76” has all the functions of a professional one:

  • three temperature settings;
  • power indicator;
  • rotation in two directions;
  • thermally insulated tip;
  • overheat protection.

Among the disadvantages:

  • lack of control over the temporary regime;
  • Risk of burns due to open design and lack of gloves.

The surface heats up very quickly and has three heating temperatures: 160, 180 and 200 degrees. You don’t need to leave it on your hair for a long time, it curls quickly enough.

The tongs have two additional buttons that rotate the heating panel to the right or left. They are not located in a very convenient place, because when trying to fix a curl, you constantly accidentally press one of them. Which consequently leads to burns. The power cord is quite long and twists around its axis. Overall, the tongs are not bad, but they still have their drawbacks.


Philips StyleCare Prestige BHB876 curling iron

The Dutch brand created its automatic curling iron several years ago. Since then, the device has been updated annually. The latest Philips curling iron is a hybrid of closed and open designs.

The plastic body protects you from burns and allows you to create uniform heating of the strands. In this case, the heating cylinder is visible, and you can observe the process of curl formation.

The latest generation automatic curling iron has an elongated cylinder with a keratin-ceramic coating, its length is 8 centimeters and its diameter is 25 mm.

The BHB876 curling iron allows you to choose one of 27 operating options. This is facilitated by:

  • 3 temperature settings;
  • 3 time modes;
  • 3 rotation options.

The whole procedure took me 25 minutes versus a whole hour with a regular curling iron. I was very pleased with the result; something new appeared on my head. Even immediately after styling, when the long tubes are just hanging, the hair is more vibrant and looks shiny. Well, after I fluffed them up a little, I got beautiful waves. I couldn't be happier!

Curling iron makes hair smoother and shinier


With the help of BHB876 it is very easy and simple to twist someone's hair, I periodically practice on my daughter, she has longer hair, so the result looks more impressive. Without special products, my hairstyle lasts up to 2 days, but on the second day there are only very light waves. I am very pleased with the purchase, a thing that is worth the money, because it simplifies life so much and speeds up the process of creating beauty for a special occasion... and not so much special...


Photo gallery: features of the Philips StyleCare Prestige BHB876 curling iron

Control of the Philips StyleCare Prestige BHB876 curling iron is convenient and simple

The design of the Philips StyleCare Prestige BHB876 curling iron allows you to control the cleanliness of the cylinder

The design of the Philips StyleCare Prestige BHB876 curling iron is open and user-friendly

Video: how the Philips automatic curling iron works

Video: review of the BHB876 curling iron from Philips

Table: automatic curling irons - top sellers

ModelCurl diameterTemperatureTime modePossibility of rotation in two directionsCoatingPrice
BaBylissPRO BAB2665SE25 mmfrom 190 °C to 230 °C8, 10, 12 sec.Yes, there is an auto-rotate modeCeramics11300 rub.
"Ladomir A76"from 160 °C to 200 °CThe user himself monitors when the curling is completed and the strand can be releasedYes2036 rub.
Philips HPS940from 170 °C to 210 °C8, 10, 12 sec.Yes, there is an auto-rotate modeCeramic-keratinfrom 8500 rub.

Video: review of the Babyliss MiraCurl automatic curling iron with steam

Automatic curling irons make curling quick and lasting. If you decide to purchase such a device, decide on the design. The heating temperature, curling time, and price of the device depend on this. It is more common to use open curling irons; the curling process is understandable. But closed designs will provide you with the quality of professional styling. True, the price of these models is much higher.

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What is the operating principle of an automatic curling iron?

This type of tool is powered and has a built-in rotating mechanism that twists your strands. As a result, the curls are more neat than when using conventional curling irons. It is the rotating mechanism that distinguishes them from traditional hair curlers.

Each of the auto-ployers may look different. This is influenced by what power it has, the width of the coating, and its type. The sizes also differ significantly, based on the same parameters. However, they all have a round tip with a self-twisting mechanism inside. Use the device as follows:

  • Set the temperature mode at which the curling process will take place.
  • Pre-comb your hair and separate one strand up to 2.5 centimeters wide.
  • Place a single strand into the opening of the curling iron.
  • Press the start button and the machine will curl the curl.
  • Remove the finished curl from the styler.

Styler models may vary. In some you need to insert exactly the end of the strand for curling, in others - a section of the strand near the roots. A sound signal indicates that it is time to remove the finished curl.

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