Rules and criteria for choosing a good electric kettle for the home

An electric kettle has long become as common an attribute of the kitchen as pots and pans.

The abundance of models available on the market forces us to seriously consider the issue of choosing this device for the home; this material will help you understand this issue.

The table contains models that have received the highest reviews on the Yandex.Market service.

#1Morphy Richards Accents Rose Gold Black 102104
#3Morphy Richards Evoke Pyramid
#4Kitfort KT-633
#5Xiaomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth
#7Bosch TWK 8611/8612/8613/8614/8617/8619
#8Scarlett SC-EK27G58
#9Xiaomi Mi Kettle
#10Kitfort KT-640
#11Bosch TWK 3A011/3A013/3A014/3A017
#12Philips HD9358
#13Philips HD4646
#14Kitfort KT-654

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Electric kettle device

Most high-quality modern models consist of 5 elements:

  • stand with power cord,
  • the kettle body itself,
  • flask inside the body,
  • heating element,
  • thermostat.

In the most budget models, the stand and flask may be absent ; in more expensive ones, a control board for additional functions or temperature is added.
A heating element is a tubular electric heater, which is the main element for the operation of any model of electric kettle.

The effectiveness of the main function of your device depends on it.

The operating principle of any electric kettle can be summarized in two sentences:

  1. The kettle is connected to the outlet , after which the button is turned on , supplying electricity to the heating element.
  2. The heating element heats the water to the maximum temperature for this device, after which the thermostat automatically turns off the current supply to the heating element.

Note! There are models with a choice of water heating temperature and with a mode for maintaining a certain temperature.

In this case, the thermostat either turns off the power supply when the desired degrees are reached, or the current is supplied continuously.

How to choose an electric kettle for your home: expert advice

When choosing a kettle in an online store or an offline shopping center, you will not immediately be able to settle on an acceptable option. Oddly enough, the huge number of proposals rather hinders the choice than helps. This is especially true for offline stores, where you don’t know what to do first: choose a product or, having collected the last of your good manners, fight off the annoying sales assistants.

To make the search more conscious, we will consider the most important criteria for selection. So, what should be the best electric kettle?

Important! Before buying an electric kettle, be sure to find out about the new popular unit - the thermopot. On our website of useful tips there is a review “Thermopot - what is it?”


Naturally, he was number one in the list of criteria. Buyers pay attention to it first of all. So, the body comes in the following types.


Plastic has the optimal ratio of quality and price. It is not surprising that until recently it was unrivaled in the manufacture of electric kettles.

The advantages of plastic are:

  • Small mass.
  • Low cost.
  • Long working life.
  • Product strength.

Important! However, there is a major drawback. Plastic cannot be called an environmentally friendly material. Under the influence of high temperatures, plastic generously releases the chemical elements that make it up to water. This can be seen by the fact that the smell and taste of the water leave much to be desired.

As a rule, this drawback is especially pronounced in inexpensive products from little-known companies, as well as in counterfeit goods (imitation of famous brands). Well-known European companies care about their reputation. The requirements for finished products are much higher than, for example, in China.

Important! The working life of high-quality food-grade plastic is no more than 3 years.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel electric kettles are distinguished by high strength and durability. Naturally, when comparing which kettle is better - metal or plastic, the comparison will not be in favor of plastic:

  • If, for example, a plastic kettle is dropped, it will certainly crack. The metal case, of course, will receive a dent, but the device will remain completely intact and operational.
  • Stainless steel is environmentally friendly. It does not contain harmful substances, and therefore does not release them into the water.

Important! Disadvantages include high cost and large mass. In addition, the metal becomes very hot during operation.

If these points are not critical for you, select the appropriate model using the ready-made rating of stainless steel kettles.


This is an excellent option for fans of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, an elegant device made of durable glass looks incredibly luxurious, especially if it is backlit. The cost of this beauty is quite affordable, which is also a definite plus.

A little more about the disadvantages:

  • The disadvantage of glass is that, like metal, it heats up when water boils.
  • Careless touching of the housing may cause burns.
  • Over time, a layer of scale forms on the surface of the glass, which does not add aesthetics to the device.
  • The downside is that even durable glass is very fragile, and the kettle can break if handled carelessly.

Important! When choosing a glass teapot, pay attention to the material used to make the handle. The best option is plastic, since the metal will get very hot and create additional inconvenience. It is impossible to answer which kettle is better - glass or metal. The choice is yours.

Ceramics is the best teapot for aesthetes:

  • Externally, the ceramic device resembles a classic teapot. The color and design options are simply incredible. If you have chosen ceramics, then you have every chance to purchase not just a high-quality, but also an unusually beautiful thing.
  • Ceramics preserves the natural taste of water.
  • Rust and scale do not form on smooth walls.
  • The material retains the temperature of heated water longer than all other materials.

Important! The disadvantages of ceramics, in addition to high cost, are: large mass and fragility.

Heating elements

The heating element of an electric kettle can be of two types:

  • with an open type heating element;
  • closed type.

The open heating element has a spiral shape. The heating element is attached to the back of the device or to the bottom.

Important! If, when you open the kettle, you only see a bottom made of metal, this means that you have a closed heating element.

An open heating element has more disadvantages than a closed one:

  • It can only be used with relatively large volumes of water (so that it completely covers the heating element).
  • Washing the coil is also not very convenient, but it collects more than enough plaque.

Closed heating elements are a more modern option and have the following features:

  • In this kettle you can heat water for a large family tea party or for one cup of coffee.
  • A device with a closed heating element is noisier.
  • Its cost is slightly higher compared to the first option.

Important! The operating time of an electric kettle is directly related to the quality of the water. The resulting scale damages equipment. It is better to use purified water, and we will tell you which main flow water filter is better.


How to choose an electric kettle for your home based on power? The more powerful the device, the faster the water heats up:

  • For modern models of electric kettles, this figure varies between 1 and 3 kW.
  • The optimal power in terms of quality and price is considered to be 2.2 kW. This kettle will not knock out any plugs, and will heat the water quite quickly.

Important! The heating time of two electric kettles can only be compared if they have the same power. Power is directly related to the capacity of the device. The larger the container, the more power the kettle needs to heat the water.

Kettle capacity

The approximate volume of the teapot can be determined as follows: how much water is needed for tea drinking for the whole family. The capacity of different models varies from 0.5 to 6.0 liters. The most popular volume is in the range of 1.7 - 2.0 liters.

Almost all kettle models have a liquid level scale. This allows you to collect exactly the amount of water that is needed in this case.


Would you say that this is completely unimportant? You are wrong! The ease of use of the device depends on the type of stand the kettle has. There are 2 types of stand:

  • Regular.
  • "Pirouette".

What is the difference:

  • The first is equipped with a rectangular-shaped contact, which is located on the side. Thanks to the contact, rigid fixation of the device is possible. This stand is not particularly convenient. It is most often found in inexpensive models with an open-type heating element.
  • “Pirouette” is a round stand with a contact in the center. This is the most convenient and popular type of stand.

Additional functionality

In addition to the main characteristics, there are additional ones that may be important to you and influence the choice of an electric kettle:

  • Thermostat. With its help, you select the desired temperature of the heated water. This is important, for example, if you are preparing baby food.
  • Maintaining temperature at a given level.
  • Filter. This device prevents the formation of scale and lime flakes from getting into tea or coffee.
  • Possibility of fixing the lid. If this function is present, you don’t have to worry about boiling water spilling at the most inopportune moment.
  • Protection against turning on the device without water. This is one of the most common options. If the kettle is empty, it will not heat up.

Important! Have you heard that water for coffee and tea can only be boiled once? Find out what processes occur in water in our article “Why can’t you boil water a second time?”


The main advantage of an electric kettle over a regular one is the speed of heating water .
Modern medium-capacity models heat water 3-4 times faster compared to a conventional kettle heated on the stove.

The second advantage is ease of use .

The time it takes to maintain the temperature of heated water in an electric kettle will be higher, especially for those models that are designed like a thermos.

Stay up to date! The plastic handle of the kettle is also more comfortable and will not burn the user.

An important positive point will be higher safety during operation , especially in the presence of small children.

It is almost impossible to get seriously burned on the body of a high-quality electric kettle.

In addition, modern electric kettles are fireproof, which is of no small importance in kitchen use.

Ten+ best electric kettle models

10. Tefal KO 150F Delfini Plus

This model is designed quite simply and is very easy to use. It looks very stylish due to the plastic body, painted black, due to which this product will fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen. The kettle has a good capacity of 1.5 liters. It is made of high-quality materials, has light indicators and a wireless connection, this allows you to rotate the kettle on the stand.

The lid is removable and easy to clean. The heating element is closed, made of stainless steel, which minimizes the formation of scale. The kettle also has a filter element that prevents various types of contaminants contained in tap water from entering the cup. If necessary, it can be removed and washed.

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  • Attractive appearance;
  • Simple device;
  • High degree of reliability;
  • Practical and roomy.


  • Short power cord;
  • There is no indicator of operation and water level.

Tefal KO 150F Delfini Plus

Bosch TWK 3A011

Made from high-quality plastic, there are no foreign odors or tastes of water during operation. The design of the case is stylish and laconic, which allows it to fit organically into the interior of the kitchen. This kettle is convenient to use due to the presence of an ergonomic handle. The product has a wide spout and a convenient water level indicator. It is equipped with several security systems: the lid has a strong lock that prevents it from opening spontaneously.

When boiling, the power turns off automatically, and it also turns off when there is no water in it. The cover is completely removable, the heating element is built-in, disk type, made of high-quality stainless steel. This makes descaling easier, and the scale itself practically does not accumulate in the kettle.


  • Decent volume – 1.7 liters;
  • Brings water to a boil quickly;
  • Makes virtually no noise during operation;
  • Strict and very beautiful design;
  • Operational safety;
  • Removable cover;
  • Quite reasonable price.


  • There is no temperature support function; the water in the kettle cools down very quickly;
  • The filter is not removable, unlike the lid, which makes it difficult to clean.

Bosch TWK 3A011

Polaris PWK 1702CGL

The device is manufactured using the latest WaterWay Pro technology, with which you can pour water into the kettle without opening the lid.
It is equipped with a special valve that opens independently under water pressure. After the filling is completed, it closes using a special spring built into the loop. The body of the product is made on the basis of special glass, resistant to high temperatures and of excellent quality. The upper part of the structure is made of stainless steel with a special coating. This solution makes the device strong and durable, and also ensures a uniform design style. The spout is short and narrow, giving the teapot a feeling of compactness and the severity of its appearance. The lid of this kettle can be removed if necessary. It is also made on a stainless steel base. There are plastic latches that secure it in the neck of the kettle. The fill valve plate is located in the center of the cover and is secured with a spring-loaded hinge. Inside the kettle there is a removable mesh filter that provides good protection against scale. The power of the heating element is 2200 W, so the water boils quite quickly - you only have to wait two to three minutes. The reservoir is designed for a maximum of 1.7 liters of water. The heating element is hidden, which has a positive effect on the attractiveness of the device. The kettle has an automatic shut-off system, and the stand allows you to rotate it around its axis. The manufacturer has provided a long warranty period of 3 years.


  • Looks very nice;
  • Original lid with valve for filling water;
  • The body is made of tempered glass, which withstands thermal loads well;
  • Can rotate on the stand around its axis.


  • Paint on metal gets scratched quickly.

Polaris PWK 1702CGL


This is one of the most original kettles in our review of the best electric kettles of the year. Its water flask is made of carefully tempered glass, equipped with multi-colored LED lighting, which gives it additional attractiveness. Its main distinguishing feature compared to the models already discussed is the built-in Bluetooth module, which allows you to turn on the kettle remotely and configure it to maintain a certain water temperature with an accuracy of one degree.

All such functions are duplicated on the handle of the device, which also has a very ergonomic shape and is made of high-quality plastic. The maximum capacity of the kettle is 2 liters with a power of 2.2 kW. The product is equipped with an automatic shut-off system, the brightness of the backlight can be adjusted. The spout is thin enough, the water pouring through it will not splash. The lid is non-removable and has a lock. When the water in the kettle boils, it beeps.

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  • It is possible to simply heat the water without boiling it;
  • Availability of original brightness-adjustable backlight;
  • High power;
  • Attractive appearance.


  • There is a small gap between the handle and the lid, where perspiration often forms;
  • The settings sometimes get lost and you have to set them again;
  • The plastic elements do not adhere too firmly to the glass bulb.


Galaxy GL0307

It is equipped with a two-layer flask, which is made of plastic on the outside and food-grade stainless steel on the inside, with an air gap between them. By and large, the device combines the functions of a kettle and a thermos. Its functionality is rather modest, but it maintains a comfortable water temperature for a long time without the use of electricity. It has a water indicator.

The kettle is inexpensive, comes in various colors, is quite powerful - 2 kW, has all the basic safety systems, for example, it automatically turns off when it boils or does not turn on if there is no water in it.


  • The inner surface is a cast metal bowl;
  • Hidden type heater;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Wide neck;
  • During operation, it makes virtually no extraneous sounds;
  • There are no foreign odors.


  • There is no scale filter;
  • The plastic housing may have burrs;
  • The holes in the bowl are located under the spout, which is why moisture can get into them.

Galaxy GL0307

5. Tefal KO 371 Safe to touch

It looks very elegant due to the double stainless steel body; there is an air gap between the outer and inner body, which allows you to keep the water hot for a long time. This technology is borrowed from a thermos; the outer surface continues to remain cool even if there is boiling water inside, so you won’t get burned. The stand is round in shape, which allows you to rotate the kettle around its axis.

Its maximum volume is one and a half liters - quite enough for a small family; the power of 2.4 kW allows you to boil water very quickly. It will heat up due to the closed spiral. The main distinctive feature of this model is the presence of a compartment for storing the power cable. The heating element is also made of stainless steel, hidden type. This does not affect the speed of boiling water, but it reduces the amount of scale formed.


  • Quite economical;
  • Keeps water hot for a long time;
  • Looks very nice;
  • It is easy to clean and makes virtually no noise during operation.


  • High price;
  • There is no window for checking the water level;
  • Short power cable length.

Tefal KO 371 Safe to touch

Bosch TWK 8617

It has a very beautiful appearance and looks good in any kitchen. The volume of the kettle is one and a half liters, the device is equipped with a removable filter made in the form of a metal mesh. Among the additional functions, it has a sound signal that will indicate the start and completion of boiling. The bottom is absolutely flat, made of stainless steel. The handle is non-slip, although plastic, and fits comfortably in the hand. Double walls allow you to maintain the water temperature for a long time.

The lid is not removable and opens using a special button, less than 90 degrees, but even this is quite enough for comfortable cleaning of the kettle and quickly filling the flask with water. The condensation that accumulates on the lid will gently flow back into the kettle. The handle is made of high-quality non-slip plastic, has an ergonomic shape, and does not leave fingerprints on it. The stand has an easy-to-use panel with which you can select the temperature that the kettle will automatically maintain - from 70 to 100 degrees.


  • The presence of a large number of functions, which makes the operation of this device very convenient;
  • It has an attractive appearance;
  • The sounds produced are not too loud;
  • Holds the selected temperature well;
  • Heats water quickly.

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  • Sometimes the heating sensor fails, causing the kettle to stop bringing water to a boil;
  • Low maximum volume;
  • It happens that the contacts come loose, which is why the kettle stops working altogether;
  • The lid has poor thermal insulation.

Bosch TWK 8617

3. Clatronic WK 3501 G

This model rightfully ranks third among the best electric kettles. It features a durable tempered glass body with beautiful metal accents. The heating element is hidden, the device takes up a minimum amount of free space, convenient for use both at home and in the office. It heats water quickly, the power is 2 kW. When boiling, it makes minimal noise and turns off automatically.

The top cover is removable, which makes it easier to descale the kettle, and opens by pressing a button located directly on it. The kettle holds up to 1.7 liters of water – enough for a family of about 4 people.


  • Quite practical;
  • Good capacity;
  • Reliability;
  • High build quality;
  • Easy to use and clean.


  • The heating element is not reliable in all models and sometimes fails;
  • The backlight often breaks.

Clatronic WK 3501 G

2. Scarlett SC-EK27G98

This kettle has a water flask made of tempered glass, additionally decorated with plastic inserts. It also has LED lighting, which makes the device even more attractive. The maximum capacity of the kettle is 1.7 liters with a power of 2.2 kW.

The device has an enhanced security system. The heating element is automatically blocked from starting if there is no water in the kettle, and the lid is also blocked during boiling. The kettle is equipped with a metal filter that is capable of trapping any large contaminants contained in the water. The device weighs only 1.1 kg and has a niche for storing the power cable.


  • Very beautiful appearance, additionally equipped with LED lighting;
  • High-quality assembly, no backlash or extraneous creaks;
  • When it boils it makes a beep.


  • The glass flask heats up as the water boils, you need to be very careful, otherwise you can get seriously burned;
  • Sometimes the lid no longer fits tightly to the flask, which leads to a large amount of steam escaping.

Review of the Scarlett SC-EK27G98 kettle

Scarlett SC-EK27G98

Polaris PWK 1731CC

This model became one of the leaders in the ranking of the top 10 best electric kettles, largely due to the presence of a ceramic flask for filling water. The lid fits as tightly as possible due to the presence of a rubber insert. This material has no foreign odors, in addition, the water will cool much longer. The kettle's legs are made of silicone, which reduces the amount of noise produced.

The body is made of one piece, there is no indicator for the water level on the outside, it is located on the inside. There is also no scale filter; instead, a ceramic mesh is inserted into the spout, which traps dirt and scale much better than metal. The spout itself is quite wide and does not splash water. The maximum water volume is 1.7 liters. Despite the fact that the device’s power is only 1.8 kW, it boils as quickly as possible.


  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • High performance characteristics;
  • Economical.


  • There is no water level indicator;
  • Significant mass due to the fact that it is made of ceramics.

Polaris PWK 1731CC


In most cases, the main shortcomings are identified only in budget models.

For example, the smell of plastic when heated and the slight taste of it in the water; very cheap devices from an unknown manufacturer can release harmful substances .

Know! A conditional disadvantage for models of any price category is the faster failure of the heating element in the event of the formation of a large amount of scale.

But this refers rather to improper operation of the device.

Criterias of choice

The question “which kettle to choose and how to do it correctly” is faced by almost any buyer.
After all, there are a great many models on the market, from venerable manufacturers, priced at 700-800 dollars, to cheap “noname” models that can be bought for 200 rubles.

Those who are serious about purchasing should pay attention to a number of factors that determine the price of this most useful device .

Housing material

Important! This is, perhaps, the case when the choice is between a useful component and the desire not to make a mistake with the design of an appliance for an already equipped kitchen.

There are four types to choose from.


Plastic teapots take first place in sales . The main reason is the price.

The advantage of plastic models is the very low level of heating of the body , it is difficult to get burned on it, so it is quite safe for small children.

The disadvantage of this material is its composition; there is an opinion that it releases chemical elements that are unsafe for the body when boiled .

But this is critical only for cheap models, because certified products from well-known manufacturers undergo all possible checks before going on sale.

In addition, with active use, plastic eventually loses color, becomes dull, and becomes faded.

Therefore, the service life of such a product may be limited to several years.


It is worth noting! Devices created from these materials have a certain charm and elegance.

The appearance of a ceramic teapot is often similar to its classic counterpart ; many models have a characteristic design in all components - the shape of the body, lid, handle, spout.

its functionality is much broader, it is environmentally friendly, does not create scale during operation, and is silent when heated .
In addition, it holds heat well and is easy to clean.

The disadvantage of a ceramic device is that it takes longer to heat the water ; such kettles are much heavier than plastic and even metal models.

At the same time, they are less durable, and their price falls into the highest price segment on the market.


You should know! A glass teapot, like a ceramic one, is highly environmentally friendly and has also found its niche among aesthetes because of its appearance.

The downside is its lower impact resistance and the ability to easily get burned on the body during operation.

Stainless steel

Metal models of teapots are perhaps a kind of “ golden mean” among the variety of other materials.
Their obvious advantages : durability, appearance. There are no questions about the environmental component, but a slight metallic taste may be present.

The design of these appliances can also be quite varied and you can choose the appropriate type for the user’s kitchen.

The disadvantages are the high temperature of the case when heating, weight (which is important for a child or fragile woman), and significant noise when heating.

Keep in mind! There are combined models on the market, for example, glass or metal coated with plastic.

In this case, when choosing, you should take into account the combination of the advantages of these materials, because disadvantages often disappear when used together during production.


With this parameter everything is simple; it is recommended to decide on the number of people for whom the device will work .
If this is one person, then the volume up to a liter will be “over the top.”

A small family of 2-3 people will need a 1.5 liter kettle; for a large family it is worth choosing a model that holds at least 2 liters.

Sometimes there are portable models for heating water for 1-2 cups of tea, they are also in demand.

For your information! If there is a need for a large “corporate” kettle, then you should look at thermopots, large-volume kettles that can constantly maintain the desired temperature.


And there will be no difficulties with this issue: the higher it is, the faster the user will receive boiling water.

But at the same time, you should not forget about the condition and quality of the electrical wiring - if the power is very high, and the wiring is not of very high quality, then plugs can be knocked out regularly.

Therefore, it is recommended not to choose models more powerful than 2-2.5 kW. The average heating time for 1.5 liters of water with this power will be about 4-5 minutes.

A heating element

There are two types: open and closed.

The open heating surface is most often a stainless steel plate or spiral mounted into the bottom of the kettle body; it is this that heats the water.

Such surfaces are most often found in budget models; in this case, scale forms faster, slowing down the heating of water and giving it a specific taste.

Note! The closed heating surface is isolated from contact with water, which is a significant help in the fight against scale.

This type of surface is found in teapots of medium and high price categories; they are easier to clean and water boils faster.


An element that is usually not paid attention to, but in vain.
There are two types of stands.

The more modern one allows you to put the kettle as convenient for the user as the contact group is located in the center.

The outdated type had a contact placed on the side , and the kettle had to be placed in a strictly certain position.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the weight of the stand; cheap models are usually guilty of light weight.

Reference! In everyday use, such a small thing as a stand following a raised kettle for some time can be quite annoying.

Additional functions

Any modern home appliances often perform not only the main function, but also a number of additional functions.

Electric kettles are no exception to this list; there are many such functions, the most common ones are:

Thermostat , which allows you to select the desired temperature for different types of tea.

This option will also be important for preparing infant formula.

A blocker for turning on an electric kettle without water is an important element for families with young kitchen helpers.

This function may well save the heating elements of your device.

The presence of a filter for water purification , most often it is a nylon fine mesh or a gold-plated steel grid.

Important! Light and sound indication will show whether the kettle is on and whether the water has boiled.

In addition, modern models are even equipped with special light games for small children, which can buy mom some time in the kitchen.

Separately, it is worth mentioning
the lighting , which has either a decorative function (you can choose a color that matches the design of the room), or the teapot can serve as a prototype for a certain night light for the room.
Top models are equipped with a pump that allows you to pour boiling water without lifting the kettle from the stand.

Remote control is becoming increasingly fashionable. The ability to turn on the kettle using your phone or select the desired temperature will please many.

Reference! The list is completed by a panel lock button if additional control is located on the handle of the electric kettle.

What general details should you pay attention to when choosing?

There are a number of recommendations for those who are choosing an electric kettle for the first time, they are listed below:

  • look at the overall build quality , starting from the quality of installation of the window for assessing the water level, ending with the condition of the contact group and the convenience of placing the cord on the stand;
  • lift the kettle, simulating pouring water. Evaluate the convenience , not forgetting that it will be heavier for the selected displacement, thinking about the ease of use of the device by physically weaker family members, if any;
  • check the effort applied when opening and closing the lid, the smoothness of its movement and fixation , depending on its type (removable or not, in the first case it is easier to wash, in the second it is easier to draw water).

Note : If your budget allows, it makes sense to look at double-walled models that operate on the principle of a thermos.

They have significant advantages: firstly, the water temperature is maintained much longer, and secondly, it is impossible to get burned upon contact with the body of such a kettle.

Popular manufacturers, the price segment of their products and their features

Which manufacturer should you choose? The market allows you to choose any model for a specific budget and requirements - from material to design.

There are good reviews about budget electric kettles from
Vitek and Scarlett ; more famous models are kettles from Moulinex and Braun .
A wide range of high-quality devices of a high level of environmental frequency produced by Bosch and Tefal, Phillips is provided.

By the way, these manufacturers have kettles of different price ranges, including the middle price category.

Appearance and build quality

Remember! If such a parameter as appearance is completely different for all manufacturers and you can choose a model for any design, then the build quality can vary greatly.

extremely important to pay attention to a number of parameters when choosing :

  • general condition of all elements of the electric kettle;
  • quality of installation of the contact group (controller), which is located at the junction of the device with the stand;
  • quality of installation of the window for monitoring the water level, if available;
  • presence of markings responsible for the level of chemical safety (REACH or ROHS) and a quality mark, market approval (GS).


Warranties that apply to electric kettles most often correspond to the name of the manufacturer .

A cheap Chinese product may have a 3 or 6 month , mid-priced models usually have a one-year warranty , and top brands offer a 3-year warranty.

Reference! The rules for replacing an electric kettle if it fails are carried out in accordance with the regulations specified in the warranty card.

Reviews on the Internet

Online reviews should be treated very carefully.

After all, seller representatives often hire people to write reviews on those products that are in the sales plans or have become dusty in the warehouse.

Therefore, it is still worth making a choice on your own.

But it still makes sense to use additional information, especially if it comes from people you know with experience in using a particular electrical appliance.


This is perhaps the most painful question for the buyer, because you always want to buy something cheaper, but at the same time of high quality, although the well-known saying “the miser pays twice” has proven its relevance more than once.

The most budget models of electric kettles (which are scary to even hold) can be purchased for an amount starting from 200 rubles .

Of course, such a purchase will be on the conscience of the buyer himself.

Need to know! Budget teapots cost around 1.5-4 thousand rubles, models in the mid-price category are aimed at 4-10 thousand.

The top positions are occupied by models priced from 10 thousand and above , some of them can surprise you with a price of around 40 thousand.

Important criteria when choosing a kettle

Important criteria when choosing a device are volume, power, case material, safety and manufacturer.

  1. The volume depends on the number of family members and their needs. The smallest kettle of 0.5 l is suitable for one person, for a family of 4 people - 2 l. There are models with a capacity of 5 liters. The most popular volume of electric kettles is 1.7 liters.
  2. The power of the devices ranges from 900 Watt to 3000 Watt. The optimal power of devices is 2200-2400 watts. You should not chase high power - a difference of 30 seconds will not play a special role, and the electrical wiring will be more intact, and your electricity bills will not be horrifying.
  3. Case material:
  • When choosing a plastic kettle, inspect its seams: they should not be “shaggy”, there should be no smell, the plastic should be uniform, without scratches or other flaws . Experts advise using one plastic electric kettle for no more than 3 years;
  • when choosing an electric kettle made of glass, give preference to models with tempered and impact-resistant glass - they are safe and reliable;
  • when choosing a metal electric kettle, be sure to ask for a quality certificate so as not to run into an aluminum counterfeit;
  • when choosing a ceramic teapot, hold it in your hands, as they are the heaviest of all; Be prepared to handle it with extreme care due to its fragility.
  1. Safety. When purchasing a kettle, be sure to inspect it, hold it in your hands, and check the seams and joints. In low-quality models made of combined materials (steel body + plastic cover), leaks form over time, since different materials expand differently when heated. The handle of the device should be ergonomic, comfortable and safe when heating the device. Request a quality certificate for the model you like in order to avoid purchasing a low-quality fake.
  2. Manufacturer. Whenever possible, give preference to reputable brands. Having saved on the purchase of “no-name” equipment, you may subsequently have to spend a lot of money on restoring your health.

Study the reviews for the model you like, check the warranty period of the device, in a word, approach the choice of an electric kettle objectively and seriously.

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