Glue gun: what can be glued, types of consumables, characteristics of popular models

Thermal guns are universal devices designed for gluing all kinds of materials, restoring broken parts, and much more. However, they differ from each other both in characteristics and in design. Therefore, choosing a glue gun for crafts or home use, professional construction or repair is not easy. Popular glue guns are models from leading brands, with thoughtful ergonomics, high-quality technical parts and good performance. Their reliability and compliance with the stated parameters is confirmed not only by the manufacturer’s image, but also by numerous positive reviews. These are the models that were included in the rating of the best glue guns compiled by our editors.

The best glue guns for crafts

Thanks to the ability to efficiently glue even dissimilar materials, hot-melt guns are widely used in everyday life. Transparent and colored rods are suitable for decorating, creating crafts, bouquets, and modeling. Minor repairs around the house, maintenance of equipment and cars are also possible.

Household glue guns often lack additional functions and auxiliary temperature controls. However, they do an excellent job with their main task - melting and dosed supply of adhesive composition. The disadvantages are the relatively long heating time and slow feeding, the advantages are the most affordable prices even for powerful glue guns.


This popular model of glue gun is ideal for non-professional use at home. The heating element consumes 500 W and provides an acceptable performance of 15 g/min and quick heating (3-5 min). The device is extremely convenient to use; it works from the power cable or from the stand base that comes with the kit. The temperature mode is adjusted with a slider in the range from 150 to 200 degrees. This allows you to select the optimal heating and work with rods with a high melting point. However, for low-temperature materials the indicators are high. In addition to the base, the gun comes with two nozzles of different thicknesses and spare glue sticks, all of which are packed into a convenient case.


  • mobility when powered from the base;
  • convenient to use;
  • temperature adjustment;
  • good performance;
  • injectors with nipples;
  • case included.


  • flimsy base - stand.

Metabo KE 3000

The model from Metabo is a simple but good glue gun for crafts. It has everything you need: a stable stand-bracket, a 200 W heating element, and automatic temperature control that maintains optimal heating of the glue. The design is standard - a wide trigger, a small viewing window, nozzles with shut-off nipples. A long, almost 2 m cord gives good maneuverability in operation. The pistol is one of the most productive in its class, has acceptable power, but lacks additional options and accessories.


  • automatic temperature control;
  • good performance;
  • good assembly;
  • long power cable;
  • high-quality protection against glue leakage.


  • high price;
  • poor equipment;

Dremel Glue Gun 910-3

The convenient high-temperature gun from Dremel, according to customer reviews, is well-built and has a reliable, durable body. The 7 mm rod diameter combined with low power and output (5 g/min) make the gun ideal for precision work such as modelling. Heating up to 165 degrees is enough to work with universal and high-temperature rods. The lack of heating adjustment and other options is compensated by the affordable price. Considering the characteristics and opinions of customers, the tool is not suitable for work that requires intensive supply of glue in large volumes.


  • ideal for precise and precise application of glue;
  • high leakage protection;
  • light weight and compactness;
  • good combination of power and melting time;
  • convenient stand.


  • low productivity;
  • no adjustments.

STAYER MASTER 2-06801-10-07_z01

This is a classic example of an inexpensive but good quality glue gun for home use. With low power consumption, the device heats the rods to 180 degrees in 3-5 minutes. It is well suited for making models, decorative elements and other small works. According to users, the device is durable even with frequent use. Weight is only 150 g, which allows for long-term use by weight. The low price is due to the modest equipment, lack of a case, additional functions and indicators. This is the best option when you need a durable but budget pistol.


  • cheap;
  • economical;
  • high-quality guide coupling prevents glue leakage;
  • light weight and compact dimensions.


  • Due to low productivity, it is only suitable for small jobs.

PROconnect 12-0102

The inexpensive glue gun PROconnect 12-0102 quickly heats up the sticks and is equipped with automatic temperature control, albeit in a small range. The case is made of impact-resistant, heat-resistant plastic, there is a bracket-stand. This is a very light and compact model with no frills, which can be bought for a price that is ridiculous for the modern market (200-250 rubles). In the absence of various options, the gun is convenient and works with rods of a standard diameter of 7 mm.


  • viewing window for control;
  • reliable and durable body;
  • very low cost.


  • small trigger.

Purpose of the heat gun

Harry Greene, while developing a tool for gluing furniture parts, presented a prototype of the current glue gun. It was a bulky device that used liquid glue. Its advantage was in the technology of applying the adhesive mass itself, which resulted in a neat and even seam, which was at the same time durable and elastic.

The current tool has become more compact, and instead of liquid glue, it uses solid glue sticks, which has become the reason for its rapid spread. Despite its versatility, it is not suitable in situations where the parts being joined are heated, causing the adhesive joint to soften. It is problematic to work with a heat gun with concrete, plaster and some types of polyethylene due to poor contact of the glue with these materials.

As for the rest, there are practically no restrictions: furniture makers were the first to appreciate all the advantages, then builders began to use it for gluing parts. Designers, radio amateurs, florists. Designers even consider the tool a godsend. The hot-melt gun allows you to not only quickly glue parts together, but also use it to make polyurethane patterns and create paintings.

A glue gun is a tool for dispensing universal glue that is odorless and completely hardens in just 1 to 3 minutes. It is used for gluing wood, paper, cardboard, leather, fabric, plastic, ceramics, rubber and metal.

Let's understand the structure of the tool in order to understand which type to choose for household needs or handicrafts.

The best glue guns - professional ones

Professional-grade guns are superior to household ones in terms of adhesive delivery speed and maximum and minimum heating temperatures. They are more functional, and high ergonomics make long-term work comfortable.

The scope of use of the devices goes beyond handicrafts, hobbies and minor repairs. Increased productivity reduces glue application time and increases efficiency when performing large-scale work. Models with elongated nozzles and anti-drip systems are often found; these guns allow you to apply and dispense glue as accurately as possible, without drips.

Kraftool PRO 06843-300-12

This is one of the most reliable professional grade glue guns. It instantly heats up the glue stick, has wide temperature control (120-230 degrees) and the highest productivity (25 g/min). There is a power off button on the case - the device does not need to be disconnected from the network during long breaks. The gun works with wide rods of 12 mm. In addition to outstanding technical parameters, the model is famous for its impeccable workmanship and premium ergonomics. Separately, replacement nozzles of different shapes can be purchased for the gun for more efficient application.


  • heating adjustment;
  • high glue supply speed;
  • ease of replacement of rods;
  • maintaining temperature in automatic mode;
  • Suitable for using low temperature rods.


  • high price;
  • no storage case.


There are always increased demands on professional tools, so this model is equipped with a powerful heating element (200 W), a thin and long nozzle for precise delivery of glue into narrow places. Thanks to this design, the device is suitable for almost the entire range of work performed by similar devices. The duration of the working process is ensured by protection against overheating, as well as a shut-off nipple on the nozzle, which prevents glue from leaking out. There is no need to talk about quality - a durable coupling made of heat-resistant material, a reliable heating element withstands multiple cycles. According to the owners' reviews, the gun is capable of trouble-free service for more than one year and forgives overheating. The only thing in which the PKP 18 E is inferior to its analogues is the warm-up time - 7 minutes.


  • impeccable workmanship;
  • presence of a case;
  • practicality and reliability in operation;
  • excellent combination of price and quality;
  • comfortable grip with right and left hands;
  • good performance (20 g/min);
  • easy nozzle replacement.


  • long heating.

Matrix 93015

The pistol model from Matrix leaves only positive impressions of the work. The set includes a solid stand with a silicone cup for the glue flowing from the nozzle. The technical side has left many competitors behind: the temperature mode with mechanical adjustment (150-200 degrees) allows you to glue any materials, auto-tuning reduces heating in standby mode. The functional device consumes only 160 W, but its productivity of 20 g/min is enough to quickly apply glue over a large area or accurately and precisely dose when gluing and sealing. Such characteristics made the pistol universal, suitable for domestic and professional use.


  • heating time is only 4-5 minutes;
  • precise temperature control;
  • automatic and manual temperature adjustment;
  • stable stand with anti-drip system.


  • the heavy weight of 1.15 kg gets tiring when working for a long time.


Ryobi makes some of the best cordless tools, and the developers haven't left out glue guns either. The professional model surpasses its competitors with best-in-class heating speed (up to 3 minutes) and a high maximum temperature of 195 degrees. The device runs on an 18-volt One+ series battery, compatible with other brand tools. Considering the low energy consumption, even a small capacity of 1.5 A/h is enough to efficiently melt at least 14 11*200 mm rods. The impeccable design of the cordless glue gun is completed by excellent ergonomics - GripZone+ anti-slip coating, a wide and soft trigger.


  • extended nozzle for precise delivery;
  • good performance on one battery charge;
  • practical and convenient;
  • excellent ergonomics.


  • There are no additional adjustments or readiness indicator.

Dremel Glue Gun 940-3

The Glue Gun 940-3 model from Dremel is as convenient as possible and created for professionals. The removable power cable gives you freedom of action - you can work with it for about 5-10 minutes, unplugging it from the network. The device is stable on a plane - a large coin on the handle, a wide stand-bracket opens with the press of a button. The nozzle is removable, with an anti-drip system, the flawless operation of which is confirmed by a lot of reviews. There is a power button on the body of the gun; during long-term operation, it does not have to be disconnected from the power supply. There is also an automatic thermostat that maintains optimal heating of the adhesive inside the device. The trigger is wide, suitable for a woman's or man's hand, and there are durable rubber pads in the grip areas. There are a number of advantages with a two-year warranty that protects the user from manufacturing defects.


  • detachable cable;
  • high maximum heating up to 195 degrees;
  • precise dosage of molten glue;
  • comfortable trigger with a soft stroke;
  • weight only 300 g.
  • two years warranty.


  • non-flexible power cable.

STEINEL Gluematic 3002

Another representative of professional-level pistols at the most affordable price. Gluematic 3002 is suitable for a wide range of applications - crafts, installation, cavity sealing, repairs and construction. The power and feed speed of the device are sufficient to solve almost any problem. The heating element heats up 11 mm rods in 7-10 minutes, and electronic adjustment maintains the optimal heating level. In addition to smart electronics, the pistol has a viewing window, a wide trigger, and its low weight (320 g) makes it maneuverable and will not tire during long-term use.


  • versatility of use;
  • high heat;
  • no glue leaks;
  • high-quality assembly and materials;
  • accurate supply and dosage of the composition.


  • short standard nozzle.

How to choose a glue gun

When choosing the best glue gun for work or home use, it is important to choose the right technical characteristics:

  1. Power is an important indicator, however, in the case of devices for heating glue, more does not always mean better. If you need an accurate, dosed supply of the composition, 150 W is enough even with a margin. High power will result in excessive consumption of rods, and can also lead to damage to the parts being glued. Conversely, with significant volumes, a weak pistol will be useless. Insufficient power directly affects the feed rate, increasing the time spent on one working cycle many times over.
  2. The class of the device also becomes an important factor when choosing . For hobbies and occasional technical work around the house, a household-grade glue gun is suitable. With constant use, it is better to pay attention to more expensive, professional devices with a longer service life and safety margin.
  3. Additional options and adjustments significantly increase the cost of the tool. Therefore, if the upcoming work is monotonous and does not require changing the speed and method of supplying glue, there is no need for them. However, if the gun is used for creativity or various repairs, a thermostat, replaceable nozzles and “freedom” from the power cord will come in handy. In this case, models with a battery or a stand-base are suitable.

Some brands and prices

Since after heating the glue begins to flow out of the nozzle, you need to place a container in advance, protecting the surface of the work table. If there is no power button on the case, then the instrument will need to be periodically unplugged (pull out the power cord). Since the body itself can also be heated, its integrity deteriorates over time, starting at the junction with the hot spout. To avoid getting burned, it is better to choose a gun whose body has protective and anti-slip linings, dense plastic with low thermal conductivity. Standard Chinese models are usually designed for rods with a diameter of 7 mm.

Among well-known manufacturers, you can pay attention to Dremel brand products. They operate at high temperatures, have an anti-drip system and a smart switch.

  1. The Dremel 910 JC is a professional high temperature heat gun without an on/off switch. It works for a very long time (several hours without breaks) without heating the case and losing the hot glue released.
  2. The Dremel 930 JC is equipped with two heating modes and is switched by a button on the handle. Suitable for active needlewomen. The only negative concerns the low weight of the tool, which is why it can fly off the surface.
  3. The Dremel 940 is used for home repairs with wood, plastic or ceramics. The device has increased productivity and large dimensions. The rod is heated to 195 °C. The semi-automatic system allows you to pull out the cord and glue parts in hard-to-reach places.

The cost depends on the quality of the case, parts, and protective options. The price for standard models is several hundred rubles. A professional pistol for permanent work can cost more than twenty thousand rubles.

Which glue gun is better to buy?

Having familiarized yourself with the TOP 10 best heat guns, as well as the main factors for their selection, there is only one thing left - to determine which one is better to buy. If you need to save money as much as possible, you can give up functionality and, if possible, neglect ergonomics. Even in the segment of the most inexpensive models there are very worthy options.

Professional use requires more comfort and performance. In some cases, guns with a battery or a detachable cable will be the best option. Also, high-end models are often equipped with anti-drip systems - this is necessary for cleanliness during work and saving on adhesive composition.

Handicrafts and decoration often involve the use of a variety of materials. To achieve maximum quality, you need a model with temperature control. This will allow you to select the optimal heating when working with paper, fabrics, wood, and metal.

In conclusion, to choose the best glue gun, it is important to pay attention to the brand. Reliable companies care not only about their image, but also about the needs of users.

Security measures

You need to work with a glue gun on a flat, hard surface, previously covered with film or at least newspaper. If the mass is applied to metal or wood, then it can still be removed, but paper or cardboard is not so easy to clean.

Do not touch the nozzle of the gun if the device is turned on and in operating mode. The burn can be very severe. This also applies to the released glue, which, if it comes into contact with the skin, can cause a burn.

The switched on device must not be left unattended, even for a few minutes. A faulty socket needs to be replaced. Complete shutdown of the gun must be done at least once an hour with a break of 5-7 minutes.

A switched off, folded pistol should be stored out of the reach of children.

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