Rating of built-in refrigerators: TOP 10 best in quality and price. Which to choose?

Built-in appliances are considered one of the latest trends in modern kitchen design. Installing refrigerators of this type allows you to significantly save space while maintaining the features of the interior. At the same time, the range of models is limited in comparison with free-standing units; there are also nuances of selection and installation in a kitchen set. The rating, compiled taking into account user reviews, includes the best built-in refrigerators, the description of which will allow you to choose the ideal option for your kitchen.

Rating of built-in refrigerators

1.Weissgauff WRKI 178 InverterPrices Review
2.Liebherr ICUS 3324Prices Review
3.Bosch KIV38X20Prices Review
4.Liebherr ICUNS 3324Prices Review
5.Beko BCNA275E2SPrices Review
6.LG GR-N266 LLDPrices Review
7.Samsung BRB260130WWPrices Review
8.Beko BU 1100 HCAPrices Review
9.Liebherr IK 1620Prices Review
10.Electrolux ERN 1300 AOWPrices Review

Disadvantages of built-in refrigerators

A significant disadvantage of a built-in refrigerator is the complex installation procedure.

It is difficult to ensure normal cooling and air circulation for equipment covered with panels or furniture. Built-in refrigerators are installed strictly according to the rules.

Other disadvantages:

  • with the same parameters as free-standing equipment, the useful volume of the built-in version is smaller due to thermal insulation and ventilation components;
  • attaching refrigerator doors to decorative panels is not convenient for everyone;
  • the design is not insured against breakdowns;
  • built-in appliances are more expensive due to the need for decoration with decorative panels, installation in a cabinet or cabinet;
  • with a smaller volume, the equipment will take up more space - this is due to the nature of the installation, which requires space to ensure normal operation of ventilation and cooling.

Disadvantages of certain varieties:

  • if a single-chamber refrigerator has a freezer compartment, then the quality of freezing in it is low and the volume is small;
  • no frost and full no frost systems do not allow storing food without packaging: constant air circulation removes moisture, and the surface of the food becomes covered with a dried crust;
  • additional functions are energy-consuming;
  • breakdowns of alarm systems are a common problem: a light or sound warning about a door that is not tightly closed due to a malfunction can go off during normal operation or every time it is opened;
  • like the signal system, other electronics with which the refrigerator is equipped can fail: it requires attention and quite expensive maintenance.

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

When thinking about a refrigerator option, the buyer should take into account not only the brand of the unit. The quality of household appliances from well-known companies is confirmed by many positive reviews on user forums, but some models may not meet the necessary criteria.

Basic criteria for choosing a built-in refrigerator

To select high-quality and reliable equipment, professionals recommend taking into account the following model parameters:

  1. Dimensions . Be sure to take into account the depth of the pencil case so that there is a reserve of free space between the condenser and the wall.
  2. Defrosting system . The right decision is to buy a refrigerator with No Frost.
  3. Energy consumption . It is recommended to choose a class A+ model.
  4. Control type . A more convenient option is a mechanical thermostat located inside the device. With electronic control, you need to ensure that the panel remains within reach.

Manufacturers equip equipment with various options, but some know-how is not necessary and only increases the cost of the refrigerator.

Disadvantages and advantages of a built-in refrigerator

The advantages of units of this type include:



quiet operation;

combination with the interior.

The peculiarity of built-in refrigerators is that some advantages can turn into disadvantages. The disadvantages of the units are:

Despite the compactness, when installing the equipment, it is necessary to ensure that there is a gap for ventilation. For this reason, some models may take up more space than conventional refrigerator options.

Energy costs are reduced due to thermal insulation, while they increase for compressor cooling. This feature minimizes energy savings.

Smaller usable volume compared to free-standing units.

High price. Their cost is an order of magnitude higher, and additional investments will be required for installation.

Considering the pros and cons of built-in appliances, we can say that when choosing such refrigerators, buyers have a choice between beauty and cost.

Rating of the best manufacturers of built-in refrigerators

Budget models

ATLANT XM 4307-000 is a reliable appliance with two chambers and a bottom freezer. The refrigerant of this device is isobutane, a drip defrosting system is used, the unit operates almost silently. Total capacity 248 liters, annual electricity consumption 288 kWh. The temperature is adjusted mechanically using a special knob. Doors can be installed from any desired side. The refrigerator compartment is equipped with three shelves and a large 20 liter drawer for storing fruits and vegetables. The door has 4 compartments made of high-quality plastic for bottles, sauces and cans. Approximate cost: RUB 21,999.
  • durable glass shelves;
  • ability to maintain cold for 16 hours;
  • practical management;
  • refrigeration chamber volume 168 l.


  • small freezer 80 l;
  • periodically requires defrosting;
  • the process of turning on and off causes some interference in the electrical network;
  • Possible shortage.

Gorenje RKI 4181 AW - the copy belongs to the A+ electricity consumption class, the annual electricity consumption does not exceed 292 kWh. The capacity of the refrigerator is 284 liters, which will fully satisfy the needs of even a large family. The arrangement of three shelves is standard; a drawer for vegetables is installed below. Manufactured with two chambers and a drip defrosting system. The freezer compartment is located at the bottom, its volume is small (61 l). Average price RUB 28,499.
  • low power consumption;
  • large refrigerator;
  • shelves made of tempered glass can withstand any load;
  • low noise level.


  • small freezing chamber;
  • periodic defrosting;
  • Very thin plastic is used.

Korting KSI 17850 CF is an easy-to-use device with a drip defrosting system that consumes little energy (class A+). Available with 4 plastic compartments in the door, 4 durable glass shelves and a drawer for fresh food. The freezer has three transparent compartments with a total capacity of 70 liters. The freezing capacity is 3 kg/day. Works with one inverter compressor. Comes with an egg stand and an ice tray. Autonomous cold storage for 15 hours. The cost of the device is about 35,690 rubles.
  • reliable glass shelves;
  • easy temperature control;
  • chrome bottle compartment;
  • durable unit.


  • not very reliable compressor;
  • some specimens may create unnecessary noise.

Middle price segment

Liebherr ICUS 3324 - the innovative SmartFrost technology is built into the freezer compartment of this device, due to which defrosting is necessary 1-2 times a year. The capacity of the freezer section is 80 liters, the large refrigeration section with a volume of 194 liters operates on a drip defrosting system. Inside there are 4 tempered glass shelves and a spacious BioCool container, which is made with special rollers and humidity control. Approximate price RUB 49,910.
  • class A++ electricity consumption;
  • low noise;
  • electronic control via LCD display;
  • high-quality assembly.


  • lack of a closing mechanism;
  • 1 cooling circuit.

Smeg C7280F2P is an Italian-made two-chamber unit that is economical, spacious and quiet. The useful volume is 280 liters, of which 202 liters are allocated for the refrigeration section. The defrosting process occurs due to an automatic drip system. Equipped with 5 glass shelves, 3 drawers and one ice tray. An electromechanical regulator allows you to easily select the required temperature regime, and the doors are attached using the principle of sliding guides. The cost of such a copy is about 57,990 rubles.
  • internal LED lighting;
  • the presence of a “super freezing” function;
  • maintaining autonomous low temperature mode for 22 hours;
  • climatic class SN-T (from +10 to +43°C).


  • manual defrosting;
  • no zero freshness range.

LG GR-N309LLB - is produced with the modern Total No Frost system, so it does not take much time to defrost, because it is not necessary. The useful volume of the refrigerator part is 188 liters, and the freezer part is only 60 liters. It has good internal equipment. Equipped with 3 drawers for freezing food, an ice tray with a rotating design, and a container with a Moist Balance Crisper lid (vegetable storage). The device has a Miracle Zone compartment, which allows you to maintain the freshness of any product by selecting the desired temperature. Average price 62,345 rub.
  • “super freezing” option;
  • LED display for electronic control;
  • alarm with a reminder of an unlocked door;
  • low noise;
  • energy efficiency class A.


  • there is no folding shelf;
  • small freezer section.

Premium models

Liebherr ICBN 3324 is a practical and multifunctional two-chamber device. The freezer consists of three transparent containers with a total capacity of 62 liters, operating in the No Frost system. The refrigerator compartment contains 4 shelves made of durable glass, 1 of which is foldable. Lower zone with BioFresh option and two convenient compartments in which the humidity level is regulated. This section presents drip defrosting technology. Cost 87,489 rub.
  • separate temperature control;
  • SuperFrost, SuperCool technologies;
  • alarm notification about malfunctions, open door;
  • energy consumption class A++;
  • LCD display.


  • lack of shelves for bottles;
  • small capacity.

Asko RFN 2274I is a durable and reliable device, with No Frost technology in the freezing compartment and a drip system in the refrigeration section. Equipped with Freshbox (fruits and vegetables), Coldbox (meat and fish), 5 glass shelves, 5 door compartments, a wooden stand equipped for containers, a Snack drawer, and egg cups. Price from 99,000 rub.
  • energy efficiency class A++;
  • “super freezing”, “intensive cooling” functions;
  • 2 year warranty;
  • good equipment;
  • multifunctionality.


  • high price;
  • noise level 41 dB.

Liebherr SBS 66I3 is a functional, expensive kitchen appliance that impresses with its aesthetic appearance and enormous capacity (500 l). Ideal for a large family and a spacious home. Original design and impeccable German quality. This device is equipped with additional functionality and is fully equipped with No Frost automatic defrosting technology. Average cost 224,000 rub.
  • four-chamber with 2 compressors;
  • presence of a freshness zone;
  • temperature indication;
  • super freezing, fast cooling;
  • built-in child lock;
  • control is completely electronic;
  • quiet operation;
  • food freezing capacity up to 20 kg per day.


  • high price.

The best two-chamber built-in refrigerators with a drip defrosting system

Two-chamber models are considered more spacious and easier to maintain. At the same time, the question always arises of which built-in refrigerator to buy - with a drip or automatic defrosting system. The first option is attractive due to its lower price, but the freezer usually has to be defrosted manually.

Weissgauff WRKI 178 Inverter

Inexpensive model with an inverter compressor, electronic control and energy consumption class A++. The volume of the refrigerator compartment is 184 l, and the freezer compartment is 64 l. The width and depth of the model is 54 cm, the height is 177.7 cm. The presence of Smart mode the refrigerator independently controls the internal temperature.

Autonomous cold storage up to 13 hours;

low power consumption;

convenient internal organization.

Prices in online stores

Liebherr ICUS 3324

The model is larger in size than the previous nominee; the useful volume has been increased to 274 liters. When the power goes out, it stays cold for up to 22 hours. The refrigerator compartment is equipped with a compartment with adjustable humidity. Additional functions include super freezing.

protection from children;

silent operation;

build quality.

Prices in online stores

Bosch KIV38X20

Class A+ model with electromechanical control. Its features include the presence of a shelf for bottles and MultiBox drawers, which ensure long-term preservation of the freshness of vegetables and fruits. In terms of the volume of the refrigerating chamber, it exceeds the units discussed above, although the capacity of the freezer is only 60 liters .

ergonomic placement of shelves and drawers;

Autonomously retains cold for up to 13 hours;

good capacity.

Prices in online stores

Liebherr ICUNS 3324

It differs from the reviewed Liebherr brand model by increasing the width by 2 cm, operating in a hotter climate, and having a closed door indicator. At the same time, the unit is inferior in terms of freezer volume - 62 liters, freezing capacity - 4 kg/day , cold storage time - 15 hours.

freezer know frost;

light and sound indication of temperature increase;

build quality.

Prices in online stores

Types of built-in refrigerators

Single chamber

Models of this type have small freezer parameters, so this equipment is suitable for a small family. The freezing part with the refrigerator compartment is located behind one door. Compact and convenient design.

Double chamber

Instances of this type of equipment differ significantly in design from their competitors. The two main compartments are separated by different doors, so the freezer does not need to be opened every time you need to remove food from the refrigerator.

Side-by-side models

The modern unit is manufactured with parallel placement of the freezer and refrigeration compartments. The equipment is distinguished by its original design and reliability.

Single chamber

Double chamber

Side-by-side model

The best built-in refrigerators with the No Frost system

An improved defrosting system increases the comfort of using and maintaining the unit. There are 3 models presented in this category.

Beko BCNA275E2S

Compact model with a full No Frost system, electronic control and energy consumption class A+. The refrigerator compartment with a capacity of 185 liters is equipped with 3 standard and 1 folding bottle shelf. Blue Light technology in the storage compartment for vegetables and fruits ensures their long-term storage.

freshness zone;

good functionality;

quality of materials and workmanship.

Prices in online stores


Refrigerator with an inverter linear compressor, ensuring minimal energy consumption and quiet operation, and a Total No Frost system. The refrigerator compartment has an optimal humidity zone, which guarantees long-term preservation of the freshness of vegetables and fruits. The model is produced with electronic control and sound indication of an open door.

multi-threaded cooling;

build quality;

efficient cooling.

Prices in online stores

Samsung BRB260130WW

Samsung model with an inverter compressor and energy consumption class A+ . The premium unit provides uniform cooling of each shelf and the presence of a pull-out shelf in the freezer, which guarantees ease of finding food in the boxes. In terms of freezing power, this is the best built-in refrigerator in the rating.


protection from children;

silent operation.

Prices in online stores

How to choose the best built-in refrigerator?

Let's briefly look at the criteria that will help you make a choice in favor of one model or another. After all, you’ve probably seen that it doesn’t always make sense to overpay for a brand or a huge number of additional functions that, in the end, you will rarely or never use. (See also: The best two-chamber refrigerators of 2021)

So, what parameters do we pay attention to first of all?

  1. Type;
  2. Volume;
  3. Energy class;
  4. Defrosting.

According to the type of layout, refrigerators are:

  • Single-chamber, where the freezer and the refrigerator compartment itself are hidden behind a common door;
  • Two-chamber - in which two compartments are separated by different doors: in accordance with the “Asian” scheme, the freezer is located above the refrigerator compartment, according to the “European” scheme, on the contrary, the freezer is located at the bottom of the device.
  • Side-by-Side - in such appliances the freezer and refrigerator compartments are placed parallel to each other.
  • Three-chamber – another chamber, the so-called “zero” or “freshness zone”. The temperature inside is close to zero. There is a separate door.

The average built-in refrigerator has a volume of 200 to 250 liters. The larger your family, the larger the refrigerator you will need. There are samples of 300-500 liters. But for a dacha or office, more compact options are also suitable - about 100 liters. Believe me, a refrigerator of any size can be built into a furniture cabinet if this cabinet is ordered specifically for it.

Modern refrigerated cabinets belong to energy consumption class A. However, recently you can increasingly see A+ or A++ markings. These letters predict how much electricity your appliance will need in a year, taking into account the unit's usable refrigeration capacity.

If we consider the last criterion, then defrosting in the refrigerator can be:

  • Manual - is becoming less common, but still requires direct human intervention in the operation of the refrigerator;
  • Drip – when moisture condenses and flows into special containers;
  • No Frost - when there is no frost at all and no defrosting is required.
  • There are also combined models, when the freezer requires manual intervention, and the refrigerator compartment has a No Frost function.

What to pay attention to when purchasing - we told you what criteria you consider decisive - it’s up to you to think, and now we propose to consider the best built-in refrigerators based on the results of 2019. The most spacious refrigerated cabinet, the most economical and inexpensive models are collected in our review positions. There are also several 2021 refrigerators that continue to be popular.

See also -

Pros and cons of built-in refrigerators

The best compact single-chamber built-in refrigerators

Models with 1 camera are attractive due to their compactness and low price. At the same time, the buyer must take into account that the units have a smaller volume and cool products longer.

Beko BU 1100 HCA

The refrigerator compartment with a volume of 130 liters has a static cooling system, which eliminates drying of food. Inside there are 3 glass shelves and a container for greens. The door is equipped with an antibacterial seal.

low price;

quiet work.

Prices in online stores

Liebherr IK 1620

A more spacious model with a refrigerator volume of 151 liters . Energy consumption class – A++. The internal space is represented by 4 shelves and 2 boxes. The defrosting system is drip.

“Super cooling” function;

low noise level;

designed for 4 climate classes.

Prices in online stores

Electrolux ERN 1300 AOW

Class A+ model with drip defrosting system and electromechanical control. Total volume – 130 l. The refrigerator compartment is divided into 4 compartments.

quiet operation;

minimum energy consumption.

Prices in online stores

Features of built-in refrigerators

It is difficult to talk about the disadvantages or advantages of this type of equipment, since the capabilities and needs of all segments of the population vary, and even the top built-in refrigerators divided into groups will only help you make a choice, but will not determine the best model.

Moving on to the description of specific models, it is worth noting that for the vast majority of refrigerators the following statements are true:

  • As a rule, such devices have less capacity;
  • more energy-intensive than standard units;
  • almost silent (due to decorative panels);
  • Presenting two nameless refrigerators with identical functionality, we can say with confidence that a built-in type appliance will be 5,000 - 10,000 rubles more expensive.

At the same time, the owner should think in advance about its future location, since after assembling the fittings and “packing” the refrigerator into decorative panels, it will be difficult to change its position.

How to properly integrate it into a headset?

Installation of built-in refrigerators is considered a complex process that requires special skills. For this reason, owners often turn to professionals. The installation process consists of the following steps:

  1. Checking the dimensions of the unit with the dimensions of the niche for installation. Take into account the presence of gaps of 2-3 cm for ventilation.
  2. If the lower part of the pencil case does not correspond to the level, then the problem is eliminated when installing the ventilation grille.
  3. The refrigerator is installed in a permanent place, leaving free space in front of the facade for easy installation of doors.
  4. Place the wires above or below the unit and then secure it.
  5. Install decorative panels.
  6. They seal metal parts and secure protective elements.
  7. Place the refrigerator at the desired depth, fixing it.
  8. Connect to the mains. It is advisable that the outlet be located on the side of the equipment.

If there is a decorative glass door, fully built-in models do not need to close the facade.

When choosing and installing models, a number of nuances are taken into account; to avoid errors when integrating into a niche, you must first study the instructions. If you have chosen this technique, then the presented rating will help you determine which built-in refrigerators will suit your requirements.

Which built-in refrigerator to choose

The presented TOP of the best built-in refrigerator models should be studied taking into account personal preferences and real needs. It is recommended to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • minimal energy consumption justifies slightly increased initial financial investments;
  • quiet models do not disturb the comfortable conditions in combined rooms and small apartments;
  • electronic control ensures high-quality adjustment of operating parameters;
  • A good set of accessories makes it comfortable to use.

You can find out which built-in refrigerator is better after studying user reviews. Using additional information, they check the quality of materials and assembly, ease of cleaning, and the durability of decorative and protective coatings.

Which built-in refrigerator is better?

Which built-in refrigerator is better to choose? The largest companies (Samsung, Indesit) often produce only ordinary household units. Popular in our country are Asko, Liebherr, Bosch, LG, Korting, as well as BEKO and Gorenje.

Among the good ones, you can choose the best built-in refrigerator at a low cost from the following row.

ATLANT XM 4307-000

Produced in Belarus. This is a two-chamber model with a freezer at the bottom, without No Frost. With a refrigerator compartment of 168 liters, the freezer has a capacity of 80 liters.

The cost of a refrigerator on Yandex Market is from 21,000 rubles.

Model ATLANT XM 4307-000

Asko RFN2274I

Consumes 230 kWh per year, which is considered low. The freezer in it is 60 liters and No Frost is present only in it. The refrigerator compartment has a drip defrosting system. There is electronic control and a temperature indicator. There is little noise, but the cost is significant.

The model costs about 99,000 rubles.

Model Asko RFN2274I


Suitable for a small family. Two-chamber model with a capacity of 248 liters. and class A. The advantages are low noise, no defrosting required (No Frost).

The cost is almost 58,000 rubles.

Model LG GR-N319 LLC

Siemens KI39FP60

Roomy for fresh food, small refrigerator and freezer. No Frost system, class A++, there is a freshness zone.

The cost of the device starts from 117,000 rubles.

Model Siemens KI39FP60

Gorenje RKI 4181 AW

A reliable device with a quiet compressor and a spacious refrigerator compartment. The freezer part is not very big.

The cost is within 39,000 rubles.

Model Gorenje RKI 4181 AW

Why do you need a built-in refrigerator?

For what purposes is a built-in refrigerator suitable? Sometimes you just don't like a regular unit. I'm not happy with its design, color, it doesn't fit into the kitchen space. Or you want to disguise it.

At the same time, you should not buy a built-in model if:

  • large volumes are needed to store food;
  • preference is given to functionality over design;
  • some functions are not available in built-in models: preparation of sparkling water or external control;
  • the buyer wants to save money.

It should be noted that refrigerators can be built into office or car interiors, and not just into kitchen furniture. Such units are needed to increase comfort and create free space.

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