Turbo brush for a vacuum cleaner - how the device works, how to choose by manufacturer, size and price

What is a turbo brush in a vacuum cleaner?

The turbo brush for vacuum cleaners LG, Samsung and other models is a special attachment in the form of a roller with bristles, which are arranged in a spiral. Thanks to this device, you can improve the quality of cleaning, especially when it comes to carpeted surfaces. The turbocharged brush operates due to an electric turbine or motor. The nozzle is equipped with a powerful mechanism, so it effectively cleans almost any surface.

The roller rotation speed is adjusted automatically depending on what type of surface you are currently cleaning. For example, if it turns out to be hard (tile, laminate, parquet, linoleum), then the turbo brush for the vacuum cleaner will work slower, but if it is carpet or other soft surface, then the device will accelerate. In addition, regular brushes are capable of cleaning material in only one mode, while turbo brushes for a vacuum cleaner select the optimal mode in accordance with their properties.

What is it for?

This auxiliary element of technology is necessary in order to cope with complex contaminants in an apartment or house. For example, a “turbo” brush can easily handle animal hair, which is an allergen for many people, as well as hair, large amounts of dust, etc. In addition, you cannot do without it if you have made repairs. The advantage of such a brush is that it is suitable for cleaning any surfaces - soft, hard (laminate, parquet or painted boards). Cleaning becomes better and faster, and the air in the room is fresher.

What is a turbo brush for a vacuum cleaner

Mechanical turbo brushes are cheaper than electric ones, but their effectiveness depends entirely on the power of the vacuum cleaner.
This device is sold together with a vacuum cleaner, but there are models that are not equipped in this way.

A turbo brush for a vacuum cleaner is an attachment in the form of a rotating roller equipped with stiff bristles. Thanks to this device, the quality of cleaning contaminated surfaces is improved, especially when it comes to carpets.

There are two types of turbo brushes for vacuum cleaners: mechanical and electric. The mechanical device is attached to the unit pipe as a nozzle. The mechanism begins to operate thanks to the air flow entering it.

Electric brushes require a separate power supply.

Thus, the efficiency of the device depends on the power of the vacuum cleaner: the higher it is, and, accordingly, the stronger the air flow, the better the cleaning. These are affordable brush options with affordable prices.

An electric turbo brush is a self-contained device that requires a separate power supply. The power of the device depends on the technical characteristics. However, not every housewife can afford such a purchase; they are distinguished by their high cost.

Types of turbo brushes

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of such devices to choose from, which differ from each other not only in size, weight, price category, but also in the type of drive. With this classification, the following two types of devices are distinguished, which differ significantly from each other:

  • electrical;
  • mechanical.


The operating power of a mechanical device is directly dependent on the capabilities of household appliances. The fact is that such a mechanism works using air that is blown into it by a vertical or horizontal vacuum cleaner with or without filtration. With this configuration, the nozzle is installed on the tube of the household appliance, after which the user operates it in the same way as any other brush. The roller of the device will rotate at the speed that the cleaning device itself can allow.

If you want a mechanical turbo brush for a vacuum cleaner to clean more efficiently, then you will need to buy a modern model of household appliances. For example, a washing vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter (Thomas, Zelmer, Krausen, etc.) would be a good choice - it is great for rooms where animal hair does not accumulate. Another version of the device is a model equipped with a bag.


This type of attachment has a significant advantage over a mechanical product - the peculiarity is that it functions separately using its own energy, because equipped with a built-in electric drive (this autonomous unit does not require connection to a vacuum cleaner). The rotation speed of the roller depends directly on the technical characteristics of a particular model. However, this version of the device must be connected to the power supply regardless of the cleaning device.


There is also a universal turbo brush for a vacuum cleaner. Its main advantage is that it fits almost any vacuum cleaner existing today. These attachments are ideal for cleaning both soft and hard surfaces. They can be successfully used to remove small debris, animal hair, and hair from carpet pile. In terms of quality, all models are almost the same, the main thing is to check the product for damage.

Features of turbo brush care

The turbo brush needs systematic cleaning, like every cleaning device. If you notice that the device has stopped performing its functions 100%, then the roller may be clogged or wool has become wrapped around it.

Self-cleaning of the nozzle:

  1. It is necessary to cover the work surface with newspapers and prepare a screwdriver.
  2. Next, you need to remove the brush from the vacuum cleaner pipe and place it on the work surface.
  3. Then you need to unscrew the bolts connecting the parts of the nozzle body.
  4. After disassembling the brush, you need to remove dust from the parts. If the nozzle is not equipped with a motor, then you can safely wash it with soapy water and rinse with clean water.
  5. Next, you need to remove the round brush and thoroughly clean it of accumulated debris.
  6. The parts must be dried thoroughly, the roller must be installed in place and the body parts must be connected.

Note! Before disassembling the attachment, you must carefully study the user manual. Some models, in addition to mounting bolts, are equipped with clips for secure fixation, which are easy to break.

Proper care of the turbo brush is a guarantee of effective and quick cleaning of surfaces. It is recommended to regularly inspect the brush and remove debris from it after each cleaning. If you do not clean the nozzle in time, its roller will begin to rotate more slowly or stop altogether.

Care and maintenance

Like any other cleaning device, a turbo brush for vacuum cleaners Samsung, LG, Electrolux, etc. needs proper care. If you do not clean it on time, the debris that accumulates over time will significantly reduce the life of this device. This is due to animal hair, long hair and threads from carpets that will get stuck inside. Some models come with a transparent lid, so you can see in a timely manner when the product needs to be cleaned. Hair and fur should be removed after every 2-3 cleanings. For this purpose it is necessary:

  1. Carefully remove the nozzle from the household appliance.
  2. Remove the cover that performs the protective function.
  3. Carefully remove from the surface of the rotating roller all hair, threads, and hairs that have become wrapped around it during operation.
  4. Remove any debris and dust remaining inside the device using a dry cloth.
  5. Remove dirt from the blades;
  6. After cleaning the brush, return the protective cover to its place.

If this kind of cleaning is carried out regularly, the turbo brush for the vacuum cleaner will cope with dirt more effectively and will last an order of magnitude longer. Every six months it is recommended to perform a general cleaning of the brush. In this case, the following sequence of actions must be followed:

  • The device consists of two halves, so first unscrew the bolts that connect them.
  • Thoroughly clean all hard-to-reach places from hair, lint and other debris using scissors, tweezers, and a dry cloth.
  • After these manipulations, reassemble the product in reverse order.

Why do you need a turbo brush in a vacuum cleaner?

Many people ask why buy a turbo brush, and what is it for if a vacuum cleaner can handle the cleaning. However, this is not true.

The “Dust Collector” is effective against particles of dust and debris, but it does not always “notice” lint, animal hair and hair. This is what a turbo brush is used for. Thanks to this useful device, the housewife has the opportunity to reduce the time when putting things in order, save her own energy and improve the quality of cleaning.

What is the advantage of turbo brushes? With their help, all types of surfaces are cleaned, both “hard” (laminate, tiles, parquet or painted boards) and soft. In addition, these devices are indispensable assistants when cleaning an apartment where pets live: the device collects hair from surfaces much better than conventional attachments.

How does cleaning work with a turbo brush? During operation, debris is “sucked” into the vacuum cleaner, and lint, threads, particles of wool and hair are wound around the rotating roller. Thanks to this “tandem” you can easily achieve clean surfaces and remove dust and debris from the most inaccessible places.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner attachment

When planning to buy a brush that will make your appliance more efficient, take several selection criteria into account. First of all, consider the nuances:

  • When purchasing a nozzle, first of all, carefully inspect the product for cracks and damage;
  • when choosing a “turbo” brush, choose models from an identical brand with existing equipment - the likelihood that they will fit together will be maximum;
  • try to make purchases at those retail outlets that issue warranty cards for products;
  • When purchasing, check the availability of replacement parts so that the selected turbo brush for the vacuum cleaner lasts as long as possible.

When choosing a turbo brush for a vacuum cleaner, decide what requirements will be put forward for it. If they are high in power and quality, then pay attention to attachments equipped with stiff bristles on the roller. It can remove dirt even from thick, long-pile carpets. Some companies equip devices with a special indicator that shows the level of contamination of the device - a necessary function. Additionally, pay attention to the design, dimensions, and weight.

A large number of companies produce mechanical turbo brushes for vacuum cleaners and those equipped with an electric drive. Many models do not differ much from each other in terms of characteristics. Such devices are manufactured by Samsung, LG, Philips, Electolux, Dyson, etc. When purchasing, compare the most popular models to make the best choice:

  • Electrolux. If you require high quality cleaning and high power, then pay attention to the products of this company. The bristles on the Electrolux brush roller are powerful and collect debris, dirt, and animal hair well, even from thick, long-pile carpet. This model is optimal not only for Electrolux brand equipment, but also for Rowenta and Philips vacuum cleaners. The kit includes a conductor along with the nozzle, so there is a possibility that this brush will also fit some other brands of household appliances.
  • Dyson. With this brush you can effectively remove hair and animal hair from hard and soft surfaces, while it is ideal for cleaning carpets and rugs. It is easy to clean, assemble and disassemble. Thanks to the adapter included in the package, the Dyson brush can be connected to almost any other type of household appliance.
  • LG. Another popular option, the bristles are less stiff than Electrolux. This model also cleans surfaces well of problematic debris. Durable plastic is used for manufacturing. There is a dirt indicator on the outside - you can use it to determine when it’s time to clean the device. The advantage of the LG model is that it is designed specifically for cleaning lint, carpets, and upholstered furniture. Its downside is that it is heavy, so constantly working with it will not be as comfortable as with other analogues.
  • Samsung and Philips. These devices are similar in properties to products from the Electrolux and LG brands. They have good power and a large roller equipped with a hard coating - animal hair, hair and other debris stick to it. The brush fits tightly to the surface being cleaned, which is why it is used even for long-pile carpets. Samsung and Philips are less heavy than LG, but they do not have a dirt indicator. In general, these brushes are characterized by a long service life, efficient operation, and easy replacement of parts.

How to choose a turbo brush for a vacuum cleaner

Models of turbo brushes differ in various parameters: dimensions, design, power and others. To select the correct nozzle, consider the following:

  1. Decide what type of cleaning (dry or wet) the nozzle is needed for.
  2. Know clearly what type of surfaces the turbo brush is intended for. A brush with soft bristles is suitable for hard surfaces, and a brush with hard bristles for soft surfaces.
  3. It is best to choose a nozzle from the same brand as the vacuum cleaner.
  4. The turbo brush must be compatible in power with the vacuum cleaner.
  5. Check that the size of the nozzle matches the diameter of the tube and connector.
  6. Check the presence of auxiliary functions, for example, a contamination indicator.
  7. Pay attention to the design. If possible, give preference to models made of transparent plastic, through which all dirt will be clearly visible.
  8. Check the integrity of the turbo brush.
  9. Read the service life and warranty terms.

Expert opinion

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Some companies provide adapters along with the brush so that it can be used with brands from other companies.

To make it easier for you to choose a suitable nozzle, we will provide a comparative description of vacuum cleaner manufacturing companies.

Characteristics of the best brands of vacuum cleaner manufacturers


The models of this company are designed for cleaning rooms where there are pets. Some models have soft bristles and rubber wheels for minimal cleaning effort.


The models are distinguished by stiff bristles that effectively clean any carpets and hard surfaces. The package includes an adapter for use with vacuum cleaners of other brands.


Features of the models of this company are the presence of a roller contamination indicator. The bristles of the roller are of medium hardness. But turbo brushes of this brand are heavy and cause inconvenience during prolonged use, so their cost is low compared to the above brands.


They are distinguished by a large roller and hard brushes. They have a long service life and are easy to repair. When working, they come into close contact with the surface, so they are used when cleaning long-pile carpets, mattresses, and upholstered furniture.

Which turbo brush to buy for a vacuum cleaner

This type of device is very convenient for housewives, because... significantly saves their time and effort, in addition, most models are small in size and light weight, which makes housework easier. Before ordering one or another option from an online store with delivery by mail, check out the rating (TOP 10) of popular models, which also includes devices from the budget segment:

Model name and manufacturer Purpose a brief description of Price in rubles
TOPPERR NT 1 For carpets, rugs. Compatible with devices equipped with a tube with a diameter of 27-37 mm. There is a function to switch between modes. 1110
Zanussi For cleaning hard surfaces, sofas, curtains, upholstery. Is universal. Suitable for household appliances with a tube diameter of 32mm. 550
Magic Power FA-500-98 For any surfaces. Made from combined materials. Suitable for dozens of TM FIRST devices. 625
Electrolux ZE060 For furniture. Features a compact color. There is an adapter for tubes in the set. 630
Bosch BBZ 124HD For hard surfaces. Equipped with a soft brush that does not damage the floor during cleaning. Differs in small dimensions. 2200
Dyson 925067-01 Mini Tangle-free turbo brush For different surfaces. Differs in the possibility of hair tangling. Suitable for a variety of Dyson brand appliances. 3300
Karcher 4.130-177.0 Optimal for cleaning high-pile carpets. A larger model that effectively collects dust and dirt. Compatible with about a dozen vacuum cleaner models. 4279
Miele STB 205-3 For carpets. Guarantees reliable removal of lint, hair and threads. The roller is equipped with a floating suspension. 7500
Samsung VCA-TB700 For different surfaces. A relatively inexpensive device that prevents wool and long threads from wrapping around the roller. Compatible with Samsung home appliances. 1490
LG VNZ-PQ01N For cleaning floors and upholstered furniture A compact version of the turbo brush that does a good job of cleaning animal hair. It is lightweight and affordable. 580


This version of the turbo brush for vacuum cleaners is characterized by good performance and versatility, because... it is suitable for many models of household appliances, the tube of which has a diameter of 2.7 to 3.7 cm. The product is available in black. Ideally cleans carpets and rugs from dust, hair and pet fur. Suitable for removing debris from car seats and furniture surfaces. Topperr NT 1 is a relatively inexpensive product with dimensions of 28x29x9 cm and weighing only 620 g.

The model is equipped with special bristles of excellent rigidity, which can penetrate carpet pile. For a universal device, it is relatively inexpensive, collects long hair well, and is suitable even for old household cleaning devices. However, judging by the reviews, it is not easy to remove wound hair - you need to cut it with scissors and then remove it with your hands.


An inexpensive white model, used for cleaning hard surfaces, upholstery and even curtains. Suitable for many models of household appliances, the main condition is the presence of a tube with a diameter of 3.2 cm. It is compact in size, light in weight, and easy to use. The quality characteristics fully correspond to the cost of the product.

Magic Power FA-500-98

An inexpensive device, indispensable for those who use TM FIRST equipment. The case is of good quality and painted black. Produced in China. Suitable for household appliances with 32mm tube: FA-5503-1, FA-5509, FA-5541, FA-5500-2, FA-5502-1, FA-5503, FA-5546-2, FA-5546-3 , FA-5547, FA-5547-1. The product is relatively compact. Copes well with its tasks.

Electrolux ZE060

The device is universal and is great not only for cleaning upholstered furniture, but also hard surfaces. It can even be used to clean curtains, car interiors, and pillows. Excellent for cleaning carpets. Optimal for most models of household appliances that are equipped with a tube with a diameter of 3.2 cm: Electrolux, Rowenta, VAX, Philips.

A big plus is the presence of an adapter in the kit, designed for tubes with a diameter of 35 mm - found in equipment from the brands Karcher, Panasonic, Bosch, Siemens, Samsung, LG, Thomas. The cover is transparent, so you can find out in time whether the device needs cleaning or not. Can be used for cleaning in both vertical and horizontal positions.

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Bosch BBZ 124HD (air)

The Bosch BBZ124HD nozzle immediately sucks up large particles of debris without pushing it forward. The brush is soft and made of 100% bristles that will not leave scratches. The device is equipped with rubber wheels on the sole, thanks to which the nozzle can be moved along the floor without unnecessary effort. This approach guarantees neat and gentle cleaning. The advantage of the nozzle is not only its efficient operation, but also its small dimensions, due to which it can be used to remove dirt from the most inaccessible places, for example, behind a massive closet, under the sofa.

Bosch BBZ124HD is suitable for BSG7, BSG6, BSGL3, BSG8, BSGL4 devices. The device is painted black and made in Germany. Users note the compactness of the device, thin and soft pile that does not scratch the parquet, as well as wheels that do not make an unpleasant sound during cleaning. Compared to analogues, it is significantly more expensive, but the price corresponds to the quality.

Dyson 925067-01 Mini Tangle-free turbo brush (with anti-tangle system)

This turbo brush for vacuum cleaners is ideal for Dyson DC19, DC19T2, DC08T, DC20, DC22, DC37, DC41C, DC29, etc. Its difference and advantage over other analogues is the presence of a system that eliminates hair tangling. At the same time, the device is capable of collecting both animal hair and dirt embedded in the surface. The configuration of the bristles is selected to make surface cleaning as effective as possible.

The Tangle Free mini turbo brush is equipped with a pair of plates that rotate parallel to the coating, collecting hair without tangling. This makes cleaning the nozzle itself easier. Due to the flexible plates, the turbo brush is able to maintain contact even with uneven surfaces. To maintain full contact, the nozzle rotates at an angle of up to 20 degrees. However, it is not recommended to use it for cleaning silk and handmade carpets. The main disadvantage is the high cost.

Karcher 4.130-177.0

A turbo brush for a vacuum cleaner from a famous German brand, which is driven by air flow. Works well on high-pile carpets and pet hair. Compatible with devices such as VC6300, VC6200, V6100, DS5600, DS5600 Plus, DS 6500 Mediclean. With dimensions of 31.3x24.8x8.8 cm, it weighs only 760 g. The mounting diameter is 3.5 cm. There are no negative aspects, but the device is far from the most affordable.

Carpet nozzle Miele STB 205-3

A turbo brush that guarantees effective removal of lint and threads due to the brush roller, which is driven by the suction system of household appliances. Due to the fact that the roller has a floating suspension, the device is capable of cleaning soft carpets. The device is compatible with MIELE S 5000-S5999, S4000-S4999, S227-S456i, S140-S168, S2000-S 2999, S500-S858.

Before ordering this brush model, please note that it does not fit household appliances with the factory number 43/.. on the type plate - located on the bottom of the housing. Made in Germany, but very expensive. Despite its high cost, the device has sufficient efficiency, good durability and is distinguished by its build quality, long service life, and aesthetic appearance.

Samsung VCA-TB700

With this turbo brush you can effectively clean carpets, bed linen, upholstery, mattresses and other similar surfaces. The device for Samsung vacuum cleaners quickly collects long threads, pet hair, and hair, preventing them from wrapping around the roller, which makes cleaning the product easier. At the bottom there are soft fabric pads that make the nozzle optimal for use on laminate, tiles and other hard surfaces.

The device is painted black and manufactured in Vietnam. It has good technical characteristics, efficiency and versatility. According to user reviews, the Samsung VCA-TB700 nozzle does a good job of removing hair from both carpet and furniture. An additional advantage is the low cost compared to similar models from other equally well-known manufacturers. No negative qualities were found.


A compact version of the turbo brush from the manufacturer of household appliances LG, which is optimal for cleaning floors and upholstered furniture. During operation, the small rotating brushes of the device are in close contact with the surface being cleaned. Due to this, wool and dust are successfully removed. This addition to home appliances is manufactured in South Korea. Its dimensions are only 17x11.5x6 cm, and its weight is 210 g. In terms of its design, the turbo brush for the LG vacuum cleaner is inferior to other multifunctional devices, but the low cost is a big plus in favor of choosing the LG VNZ-PQ01N.

Purpose and operating principle of a turbo brush in a vacuum cleaner

A nozzle in the format of a rotating roller with stiff bristles arranged in a spiral is called a turbo brush . This device is designed for more thorough cleaning of dirt, especially on carpets. The rotating bristle roller easily copes with collecting dust, fur (if you have pets), feathers, hair and other debris. Cleaning using this type of attachment is better and faster.

On a note! A turbo brush is used not only for cleaning floors, but also walls, furniture, curtains, and blinds.

Having figured out why a roller brush is needed, you should explain how the device works. The brush is driven by an electric motor or aerodynamic force. The rotation speed of the roller is controlled by an automatic mechanism. In this case, the intensity of movement depends on the type of surface being cleaned at the moment:

  • for hard surfaces (for example, parquet, tiles, linoleum), the rotation of the roller will be slow,
  • for carpet and upholstered furniture, the spinning will be more intense.

The principle of operation of a rotating nozzle with bristles is quite simple: a working vacuum cleaner sucks up dust and debris along with air, and the remaining fibers, hairs, threads, and hairs are wound onto a rotating roller.

Advantages and disadvantages of turbo nozzles for vacuum cleaners

Before you buy a turbo brush for Bissell, Beam, Electrolux, Gorenje, Redmond, Neolux or another brand, take into account the pros and cons of the device. The main advantage of a turbo brush for a vacuum cleaner is that it effectively cleans soft and hard surfaces of hair, wool and threads that a conventional brush head cannot handle. Another advantage is the automatic adjustment of the rotation speed of the bristle roller. The disadvantages of the device include:

  • the need for regular cleaning of wool, hair and other debris, otherwise their presence will negatively affect the quality of cleaning;
  • an object that can get into the nozzle will cause a breakdown of the mechanism;
  • Due to excessive contamination of the roller, the suction power is reduced.

Features of turbo brush care

The device should be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, contamination will prevent the device from operating efficiently. It is necessary to remove fur and hair after 2-3 cleanings. To do this you need:

  1. Disconnect the nozzle from the vacuum cleaner.
  2. Remove the protective cover.
  3. Clean the roller from any hair or wool wrapped around it.
  4. Clean remaining debris and dust with a dry cloth.
  5. Remove dirt from the blades of the device.
  6. Replace the cover.

If you clean the turbo brush of your vacuum cleaner regularly, this device will cope better with dirt and will last you longer.

How to choose

Most often, complete with a vacuum cleaner, the buyer immediately purchases several standard replacement attachments. The instructions for the electrical appliance usually indicate how to use them. However, few people thoroughly study the instruction manuals, so most of the additional accessories lie idle, and owners of the vacuum cleaner use only the basic brush.

Therefore, if you decide to purchase additional attachments or use the ones already included in the kit, in order to simplify and speed up the cleaning process as much as possible, you need to find out what this or that brush is suitable for.

Interesting! Usually in stores you can find both universal and special brushes that are suitable only for a specific model of vacuum cleaner.

For tall objects and ceilings

This nozzle looks like a long tube. It is attached to the suction hose and is used to clean objects and surfaces that are difficult to reach. Also, this attachment can be put on the pipe rather than on the hose, making it even easier to reach hard-to-reach places.

Using this nozzle, you can clean ceiling niches and baseboards, the top shelves of cabinets and wardrobes. Pipes come in different lengths, so each buyer will be able to choose the right option for themselves.

The nozzle is placed on the suction hose mount.

For upholstered furniture, mattresses and pillows

Dust and dirt often accumulate on upholstered furniture, so the upholstery becomes less bright and takes on a gray tint. To restore it to its original appearance, you can use a special brush for upholstered furniture. It has a special plush roller that collects all the dust. And thanks to the strong air flow, the vacuum cleaner sucks out dirt from deep layers of fabric.

Special brush for upholstered furniture

For smooth floors

To clean a floor that is covered with laminate or parquet boards, a wide, flat brush is ideal. It has short bristles that collect fur and hair, and then they are sucked into the pipe by a stream of air.

For ease of cleaning, these brushes are mounted on a rotating mount, which makes them easier to control and more maneuverable.

Wide flat brush for smooth floors

For lampshades, books and household appliances

This attachment looks like a triangular or round brush. It is equipped with a fairly soft and long pile, which eliminates the risk of damaging the surface where cleaning is performed. Dust clings to the fibers, and then, under the pressure of the air flow, enters the hose.

Round brush for lampshades, books and household appliances

For crevices and corners

This is one of the most familiar - a narrow crevice nozzle for hard-to-reach places that cannot be reached with a regular brush. It is convenient for vacuuming along baseboards and between ventilation holes, as well as in other narrow corners. The crevice tool can be used on sofas and armchairs to remove dust between cushions.

Narrow crevice nozzle for hard-to-reach areas

For hair removal

Pet owners will appreciate this attachment. A brush with rubber bristles, creating a static charge, lifts the hairs of the fur and thereby facilitates their suction. Therefore, cleaning is faster and better.

A hair removal brush is essential for pet owners.

How to choose a turbo brush for a vacuum cleaner

Manufacturers offer many options, from mechanical to electrically driven, which differ only in appearance, but are similar in characteristics.

The main thing to do is to choose the nozzle that will ensure productive and high-quality cleaning. When choosing a brush, do not forget that it should be easy to clean, assemble and disassemble.

It is best to choose models that are made of transparent plastic. It is easy to look into such a structure, determine the degree of contamination and carry out cleaning in a timely manner.

Some manufacturers sell brushes with a set of adapters that allow you to use the attachment on other models of vacuum cleaners, making the tool universal.

If the requirements for power and quality of surface cleaning are high, then you should pay attention to nozzles that are equipped with stiff bristles on the roller. Such bristles will allow you to get rid of hair, dirt and other contaminants even from thick, long-pile carpets.

Some manufacturers produce turbo brushes equipped with a special indicator on the body that shows the level of contamination of the nozzle. This way it will be easy to determine when it is time to clean the instrument.

Manufacturers also made sure that the service life lasts as long as possible, and in the event of a breakdown, some parts can be replaced. Therefore, when choosing a turbo nozzle, especially with an electric drive, it is worth checking about the availability of a warranty and the possibility of replacing parts.

When choosing, you should not forget that devices with a bag are much more durable, and those equipped with an aqua filter are more environmentally friendly. Remember that no matter what cleaning device you choose, it is better to choose a turbo brush of the same model as it.

What you need to pay attention to when choosing:

  1. A variety of dust collector and filters.
  2. Type of cleaning – dry or wet.
  3. Powerful operation and cleaning efficiency.
  4. Outlet air filtration system.
  5. Noise level depending on operating modes.
  6. Design.
  7. Dimensions.
  8. Nozzles and accessories.
  9. Secondary functions.

How to choose a turbo brush?

Today, various models of turbo brushes are produced by many manufacturers of household appliances.
However, companies such as LG, Electrolux, Dyson and others occupy the leading positions in terms of efficiency, quality and popularity. Depending on the type of product and manufacturer, some of its characteristics may vary, which makes it possible to choose the most suitable option for yourself. The first selection criterion should be the manufacturer. It is better that the manufacturer of the nozzle and the vacuum cleaner is the same, but this is not a prerequisite when choosing. It is important that the manufacturer is trusted and the quality of its equipment is high. It is better to make such purchases in specialized household appliance stores.

When purchasing a brush, be sure to inspect the item for chips and cracks, as well as other damage that is often found even on a new product. Pay attention to the quality of the material from which the nozzle is made. The material must be very durable.

If you choose a brush from a different manufacturer than the vacuum cleaner, then you need to compare the shape of this brush; it should match the shape of the vacuum cleaner.

By purchasing a good turbo brush for your vacuum cleaner, you can greatly simplify your cleaning task and speed up the process. Thanks to this unit, you can quickly get rid of heavy dirt on various surfaces, remove animal hair, hair and threads.

How to choose a turbo brush: main criteria

If you are faced with a question: a turbo brush for a vacuum cleaner, what is it for and how does it affect the efficiency of the weekly cleaning process? The answer is simple - it makes it easy to clean carpet or laminate, thereby reducing the housewife's work time. That is why the choice of this device should be approached with special attention. Before purchasing a turbo brush, you should look at certain criteria:

  • Manufacturer . Large companies produce high-quality and functional models, so when purchasing this device, opt for the Dyson, Electrolux, and LG brands. They have proven themselves well in this market segment.
  • Case material . Devices made of high-quality plastic are suitable for daily cleaning.
  • Construction . Electrically driven models operate independently of the power of the vacuum cleaner, so they efficiently remove any dirt. Mechanically driven brushes operate using the force of blown air. They are easier to manage, but less effective.
  • Additional functions . Some models of turbo brushes are equipped with a special transparent top cover, which allows the owner to determine when it is time to clean it. Also, many devices are equipped with a special universal adapter.

When purchasing a brush, you should pay attention to its compatibility with the vacuum cleaner; for this it is better to stick with one manufacturer. When purchasing a nozzle from another company, select a product with a suitable hole diameter. There is also a huge range of universal models on the market that have a special adapter that allows you to connect them to different devices.

The efficiency of the electric brush increases when connected to a cyclone vacuum cleaner. You can find out more about it in the article “What is a cyclone filter in a vacuum cleaner.” Now you know what parameters and technical characteristics are important to pay attention to before purchasing this device. Therefore, you should not have any questions related to what a turbo brush for a vacuum cleaner is and why a modern housewife needs it. This device is simply necessary for those who have cats and dogs living in their homes.

Types of turbo brushes for vacuum cleaners

There are two types of turbo brush drives, the configuration of which directly depends on the manufacturer.

Mechanical turbo brushes for vacuum cleaners

In this case, the performance of the brush depends directly on what the vacuum cleaner itself is capable of. The brush is powered by the air that enters it.

In this case, the nozzle is attached to the pipe, and the further operation of such a nozzle is no different from the use of other replaceable tools.

Since the rotation speed of the roller directly depends on the power of the device, to obtain high-quality cleaning results it is necessary that the device meets high power requirements.

If hard surfaces predominate in your home, then the best option would be a vertical type vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter.

If preference is given to soft surfaces in the house, then it is better to choose a device with a garbage bag.

Electric turbo brushes for vacuum cleaners

The name itself already suggests that the drive is built into the brush and requires a separate power supply. In this embodiment, the auxiliary tool is powered with electricity independently of the device itself.

The rotation speed of the roller in such types is autonomous and the only thing that depends on it is the technical capabilities of the brush itself. And you should prepare for the fact that the cost of such a brush will be quite high and in some cases can reach the cost of new household appliances.

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